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Frog Legs

“Good grief!  Where did these come from?
The pair of them at that!
For yesterday I had but tail
And now I’ll eat my hat
Cos overnight it seems bizarre
But suddenly I’ve got
Two legs – now what’s the point of these?
Why these?  Have I forgot?
For they seem so redundant as
I swim in pond all day.
So why do I now need these legs
For I intend to stay
And never leave this murky pool
Or jump out of this dish
For hopping is a ‘froggie’ thing
And I thought I was fish?”

Tadpole with back legs lge 14cm long

Tadpole with back legs lge 14cm long (Photo credit: you get the picture)


I might be legless just today
But just you wait and see
For soon I’ll sprout a handsome pair
And jump around with glee
I’ll leave this place and off I’ll hop
To stone or other place
And wait a while for a princess
To kiss me on the face
And then you know I’ll be a king
With finery so grand
Not stay a tadpole in the pond
To rule across the land