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So Onerous!

It’s the little things in life that
Can be onerous for sure
Like paying bills and washing up
Or scrubbing dirty floors

And why? Because they will repeat
Just time and time again
To vex, harass and irritate
So jobs worth and in vein

But over and above these tasks
The thing I dislike most
Is standing in the longest queues
To buy stamps for the post!


A Child’s View

Give me a child’s view any day
Simplicity at best
Idealism untainted
Pureness that stands the test

And tell me where it will not go
What truths it will not yield
For children do not blow us up
Deprive the living fields

Children do not just suffocate
The riches that we see
Or zap the goodness of the world
Constrain autonomy

They don’t dictate autocratically
They don’t control, contrive
Nor stifle, choke, asphyxiate
But try to stay alive

No!  A child’s view is quite priceless
A gift just for the Earth
A treasure that innocently
Has power beyond their birth

English: A child's drawing of four people.

English: A child’s drawing of four people. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inspired by Richard Anker’s poem “Swirling”