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The Battle

She executed her attack
They yelped, they screamed, they wailed
Her mission to annihilate
With thoroughness detail
A massacre of them who were
Just where they shouldn’t be
Her one intent to beat them back
And make them history

Yet despite modern weapons
And chemical warfare
She’d take them out but they’d return
Her worst living nightmare
For little though they really were
Discreet in part as well
They’d always find a way back in
Increase their ranks and swell

They’d stand up to her best attempts
Repeal her battle cry
Refusing to dwindle; curl up
Decline to lose and die
For nothing simply nothing
Allowed her to succeed
For victory always was theirs
The garden full of weeds


What happened to the humble apostrophe?
The grammatical code that implies
That you’re is not your
And they’re is not there
Whenever it isn’t applied

What happened to spelling and structure?
As rules are abandoned and lost
Is English now English?
Or has it just gone?
And then at what price and what cost?

For it seems now that anything goes
For modern language appears to be bored
With these things that once thrived
Without second glance
All now labelled passé and ignored

My Cat Geoffrey

My cat, Geoffrey
Such a grand name for a little cat
With onyx coat and amber eyes
And a demeanour somewhat displaced
From his humbler roots

His beckoning purr summons his serfs
And they do as he bids from his self-imposed throne
He lies like a Grecian God across the couch
With his bitch poised to be his queen
As and when he chooses, of course

For he is, Geoffrey Oliver, master of his universe
Ruler of this house; feline supreme; emperor extraordinaire
In an egocentric world
Where I am owned
His human – fetching, carrying, rallying

And then with tail held haughtily in the air
He takes his leave vacating this abode
Pouncing into the wild beyond the back door
Fearsome hunter; ferocious warrior; battle hardened commander
King of the garden jungle

My Cat Geoffrey

Waiting Room

Scent of disinfectant
Sitting in a queue
Waiting to be seen
Will they ever say it’s you

Sat in bored submission
As hours and hours roll by
Others seem to come and go
But you? You might just die
While sitting, waiting, waiting
With bustle all about
Yet sadly we conclude that they’ll
Never shout your name out.

And as the lights dim quickly
The noise ceases; abates
And you remain still waiting
For sure it’s oh so late
As nurses disappear and
You realise none will see
You now or maybe never
Left there in Clinic C

Scent of disinfectant
Sitting in a queue
Waiting to be seen
That’s one short straw you drew


Back To School

And so the scram is imminent
In the back to school shop hell
With kids all moaning in the aisles
As Mums and Dads all yell
At their sweet little Darlings
After the long summer break
In an attempt to kit them out
As school return’s at stake

And thus chaos ensues as
The holidays run out
Midst toil and strife and much to do
And racket as Mum shouts
At Dad who in turn rants a bit
At Jonny and at Sue
Less pity the poor shop keeper
In such hullabaloo

But when alls done and all is said
They’ll return scrubbed up great
In blazers hanging round their toes
And shoes shined up first rate
And hair cuts cropped; pencils sharpened
Looking their damnedest best
Whilst parents breathe a relieved sigh
And say ‘Give me a rest’

Bank Holiday

And true to form, Bank Holiday
Has come round once again
With torrents of the wet stuff that
We call torrential rain

For right on time, almost on cue
The downpour has arrived
As heavens open up and drop
Their payload from the skies

But that’s the way it always is
A soggy damp affair
So make the most and dance it in
Less complain ‘It’s not fair’

What is Integrity?

Is it a buzz word that flies about
Much like a wasp with meaningless intent
Flittering on the brink of twisted fate
Where outcome surpasses means
And excuses rectitude

Or more so a way of life
Subscribing to righteousness
Adhering to ethics
Upholding morality
Navigating goodness

For that is my kind of integrity
Bottled candour defining honesty
Facing the truth head on
With accountability and honour
Amidst a world of corruption

Blue Mind

Blue mind
Immersed in the moment
As waves crash onto the shore
Or roll in the deep
Navigating destiny
And anchoring the past with the present
In maritime bliss


What is it about the word splendid
So grand and just really so right
To conjure the sense of just perfect
Bringing wonder and supreme in sight
With lashings of resplendent magnificence
Outstanding, exquisite, divine
For splendid so splendidly matches
Splendiferous splendour sublime

Fight for Life

The moment hope is ripped from the soul
When there is only the past and present
And the future dissipates
When fear grips your stomach
And your heart pounds like the battle drums
Signalling the war cry for life
As the fight to preserve it begins