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Ode To An OU Student

Stop! Wait a minute
What else can I do
Bar focussing on this
Bringing right into view
The end of the task
That on table top lays
Be it jobs I don’t like
Or the next TMA

For to ponder is greater
Than the drive to complete
The thing that’s before me
To conquer; defeat
And err or procrastinate
Put off and delay
The inevitable; inescapable
Assignment today!

Arms of the Open University (400 × 397 px; 256...

Arms of the Open University (400 × 397 px; 256,136 bytes) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Eleventh Hour

There’s something so terribly appealing
About the eleventh hour back in the day
When deadline’s seem oodles of time off
And procrastination appears to delay
The inevitable – the getting it done bit
The slog that always occurs
When the time limit gets closer and closer
And the pressure starts getting absurd!

When the stress of the “oh my will I make it”
Starts to raise the heart beat with a jolt
And the hands get all clammy and sweaty
Knowing there’s really no time now to bolt!
And then I believe it seems onerous
That eleventh hour that in brightness of day
Said “I’m miles off – take your time and don’t panic
I’m the eleventh hour and light years away!”

Eleventh Hour

The Essay

Today I’ll write an essay
And make it really long
With lots of words strung in a line
That just go on and on

But first I need a coffee
And maybe just some toast
And then before I sit and start
I guess I’ll read the post

But wait the rain looks imminent
Perhaps I’ll walk the dog
Oh no!  Now it’s nearly lunchtime
Food first then start the slog!

Oh dear now I’m quite sleepy
From lunch.  I need a nap!
And then just a quick cuppa to
Refresh my thinking cap!

Now time to start that essay
Where’s my pen and pad – oh where?
A quick glance at the clock and
Woops – I forgot to wash my hair!

Now seriously, no more excuse
No deferment or delay
But oopsie daisy dearie me
The clock’s run out today!

Tomorrow I’ll write an essay!

Essay Time (Rousseau and Women): My desk at th...

Essay Time (Rousseau and Women): My desk at the library (Photo credit: tim.riley)

Monday Morning Blues

Common my friend – what’s up old chap
It won’t be all that bad
Just put your best foot forward
And don’t be oh so sad

It’s just a new week starting
As the old one goes to bed
And though I feel your pain, old boy
Put that anguish from your head

Pop your hat on; start all over
Get up – greet this brand new day
Kick those blues that you are feeling
And hurry on your way

For those Monday Morning Blues ain’t great
They’re resigned to hold us back
To stop us going forward
To keep us in our track

They overwhelm, perplex us
They make us want to snooze
But resist the urge to dally
Shift those Monday Morning Blues


Don’t you really have to love them –
Those people that say they’ll do a job
And then forget or dilly dally
And procrastinate and fob

Or those who promise a delivery
Be it books or things in-store
Electronics or web-placed orders
Then never knock upon your door

Or those who promise that they’ll call you
They say “we must have a cup of tea”
But you know it’ll never happen
Cos they never do – they’re never free

Then there’s those that want to help
They promise, that’s no crime
They like the idea evidently
They just never have the time!

But the thing that is apparent
Is that their intentions are all good
But either their time management is crazy
Or they can’t action what they should

So let’s take up the challenge
Individually or in a mob
And action what we say well do
Just get on and do that job!