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Emotional Armour

Be equipped and be ready!
Be safe, be sure, be true
Be prepped to counter actions that
Would otherwise hit you

Be organised for battle
Be strong and firm of mind
Be dressed and operational
With willingness entwined

And take care to dress in armour
That helps and saves the day
With an attitude of focus
Uplifting on the way

With a helmet of protection
Save positive mind-set
And breastplate to defend against
Bad feelings lest you fret

Wear shoes of perfect eagerness
Be certain and ready
With a shield upholding values
Of pure centrality

Save a belt of truth and honour
A sword with words so wise
Honed to influence and impact
Life’s daily enterprise

Bronze parade armour

Bronze parade armour (Photo credit: Swamibu)


Born To Trust

Born to trust so innocently
Cradled naivety
With eyes that seek so openly
For love to come for free
With arms that reach to safety’s shore
With hearts that beat so fast
Expectancy and hope embraced
At birth but will it last?

Dependent for all sustenance
For nurturing by grace
To search the contours of a smile
A warm reliant face
With no more than pure faith; belief
And hope of loving aid
From those who brought this new life forth
That babe in arms is laid

And so we have a duty to
Protect the small wee child
To give the love that they desire
With kindness ever mild
Honour the gift of life that trusts
In each with love impart
To step up and safeguard each life
With shelter, shield and heart

Holding hands

Holding hands (Photo credit: Marco Nedermeijer)