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What hides beneath that wretched skin
Sewn in unconscious thread
Affecting heart and mind and soul
That weighs heavy as lead

What conflict duels within unseen
N’er to see light of day
Stirring the bowel of discontent
In subjective array

What means are employed to relieve
The angst from such a fight
Defending mind from warring mire
Yet always out of sight

What veil, what fog, what miasma
Plays out subliminally
Within the core of every one
Within humanity?

The Dark Side

Get her rattled; even stressed
And you will surely see
The darker side; the other half
Of personality
For from enthusiastic;
Her temperament may change
To volatile; excited;
In an unstable range
Or maybe from vivacious
She will swiftly be
A drama queen that shouts and rants

Save put him in the hot seat
And watch him then transform
From independent, caring chap
To detached man; not warm
Where cautiousness takes over
As shrewd becomes mistrust
And dependence consumes him as
Sense of duty is then lost
Where diligence is supplanted
By perfections darker side
And manipulation might take hold
Where charm once did reside

The shady side of normal
The beast that hides beneath
The warning signs of stress and strains
As shadow when unsheathed
Projects repressed unconsciousness
Residing deep within
Expression of what lurks unknown
Each strengths opposing twin
So open up and see its force
As part of you and me
To recognize; bring to the light
The dark side of psyche