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The Guardian Of The Lamp

You are the guardian of the lamp
That bathes your way in light
The keeper of the keys that keeps
Your stronghold safe and tight
The sentinel who checks your path
The nurse who oversees
The angel who protects and saves
Custodian who believes
For you, my friend, are all of these
And doubtlessly much more
Just take a stand as watchman of
Your life and take the floor!
And be the raconteur who is
Orator of your soul
Of your today, your destiny
Your hopes, your dreams, your goal

Guardian of the Lamp



Similarity Is The New Sexy

Similarity is the new sexy
But how then does that so compare
With the adage that opposites attract
If we’re looking for a new mate out there

Though is it really in essence a shock
Even news or such big surprise
To find that we’re in fact much more attracted
To those who mirror us in our own eyes

For stop for a moment and just think how
Similarities do pan out
With less differences there on the table
There’s so much less to then argue about

For it is seems transparent and certain
That sameness between you and me
Is in fact rather sexy; seductive
And the thing we call similarity

Written in light of a lecture given by Viren Swami (The Psychology of Attraction)

Keep Your Thoughts Positive

The values we subscribe to
Will become our destiny.
Infusing habits and behaviour
From words of positivity.

But where do such words come from?
From the heart and from the mind!
So keep the thoughts that dwell within you
In essence positive and kind.

Based on Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote:  “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.  Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviour.  Keep your behaviour positive, because your behaviour become your habits.  Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.  Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.”

The Victim’s Consciousness

By practice and suggestion
The perpetrator succumbs
To the Victim’s Consciousness,
With its stealthy grasp on reality
And it’s deceptive claw in reason.

By choice and decision
The beguiling facade emanates
From the mind of mentality to the seat of the soul,
With deprivation of autonomy
And denial of self dependence.

By calculation and determination
The Victim’s Consciousness concedes
To non-existential perceptions,
With memories of authenticity
Being twisted in a contorted web.

Thus the perpetrator is perpetrated,
Resident in the apparent delusion,
For the Victim’s Consciousness inhabits
And thus capitulates to reactivity
Endorphins of another day.