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Down To The Wire

Down to the wire; the best laid plan
That comes about on time
No dallying not wasting breath
Or standing in a line
But executed perfectly
To be so organised
As to effect efficiency
Despite last minute guise
And so to be just so spot on
With timing to a tee
That says though you thought I’d be late
I’m actually timely!

Down To The Wire



Not again!  That last minute feeling
With the buzz and adrenalin rush
Wondering if you will ever make it
Without getting in another hot flush

Not again!  Cutting it so close
The need to race and beat the clock
The wonder if you’ll actually manage it
With sweating palms riding the shock

Not again!  Down to the wire
Pushing the boundaries, tipping the scales
The heart race and panic now building
Breathing in deeply, looking quite pale

Not again!  Why are we so late?
What happened to planning and being on time?
Organisation and careful time management
Where early gives reason and rhyme!


‘Ish’ O’Clock

If you’re not a timely person
And often run quite late
Then perhaps ish o’clock will suit you better
To avoid that delayed state

For meet at two’ish or at five’ish
The ish hour simply means
I’ll be there when I’m ready
So please wait and chill your beans

For being punctual might be tricky
On the dot – the chances poor
But being ish’ish is a good time
And a time I’ll make for sure!