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Keep your thoughts pure and clear
Keep your hearts open and kind
Keep your purpose focussed and bright
Keep your life on track;defined

And be the best you can be
Be a beacon for the rest
Be accountable; be virtuous
And above all be honest

For chances come and chances go
In this world where we exist
But stay on the straight and narrow
And temptation you’ll resist

To let your light shine brightly
To let you be on the qui vive
To let you make the most of everything
To live fully and achieve



Make Every Day Count

Make every day count
Let there be no regret
Endeavour a purpose
And never forget
That the clock ticks through life
It never will stop
Til your last breath is taken
And your legacy drops
Into the sea of the past
To be judged good or bad
Whether a life made a difference
Or was wasted – so sad
But let there be more
That each moment bring joy
Inspiration and wonder
like a child with new toy
To question; to challenge
To relax; to imbue
Every day; every minute;
Every second hold true


Have purpose every single day
One that shines really bright
With a plan to get from  morning
Through to the end at night

Have diligence, resourcefulness
To set out on your way
With inspiration to do good
And focus here to stay

Be visionary; have insight
For what you want to do
And set about to achieve it
For lives where skies shine blue

Ayahuasca Visionary Art by Howard G Charing

Ayahuasca Visionary Art by Howard G Charing (Photo credit: Howard G Charing)



Take a drop of inspiration
To put the colour in your day
With kisses of encouragement
To set out on your pathway

To lift you and enthuse you
To discover who you want to be
To show you aspiration
To open doors of possibility

To give vision and direction
With focus footholds sure
Using inspiration’s spirit
For motivation to do more