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The Fall

My bones are broke, my muscles sore
My feet and legs just dead
My brain’s a fog, my mind’s asleep
My eyelids feel like lead

My knees are bruised, my back is done
My wrists are swollen too
For down the rabbit hole I went
Along with Alice too

But unlike Alice, silently
No magic broke my fall
And so the bumps and bashes hurt
With knocks against the wall

And at the end no little door
Or rabbit with a watch
Nor tea table with mad hatter
Nor time to play hopscotch

No Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee
No dormouse in a pot
No Queen of hearts, or Cheshire Cat
Just searing pain so hot

And added in indignity
Of feeling quite a fool
For sprawling out across the floor
From dropping off a stool!

My bones are broke, my muscles sore
My feet and legs just dead
The pain of taking quite a fall
I should have stayed in bed!


Be Who You Want To Be!

I fell upon the stairs last night
And slipped the whole way down
And at the end a gulf appeared
That sucked me in the ground

Much like the hole that Alice found
But here no rabbits ran
Instead a world of possibility
A place of no set plan

A realm of opportunity
A domain of prospects rife
A  land where all could have a go
To flourish and live life

And sat up on the hillside
Was a place that seemed so real
A place of safety and of sanctuary
To contemplate and heal

To sit a while and listen
To that small voice from within
That gave direction and gave succour
With help and with meaning

And as it did the mist cleared
The whole world opened wide
The sunshine shone so strongly
With rays of light beside

And a truth revealed in glory
With encouragement anew
That all you need to be in life
Is very simply you!

For it’s you that has the courage
It’s you that holds the key
The you that’s always good enough
To be just who you want to be!