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Moaning, The Weather, Tea and Maybe Gin!

There’s an English addiction
That really is rife
To moan about everything
They encounter in life
They complain about this
They complain about that
They protest and they grumble
And they go tit for tat
Be it about their work or their children
Their house or their car
They take moaning to new levels
But the complaint that’s by far
The most idiosyncratic of all
Just has to be
When they moan about the weather
Be it wet or sunny
For in winter they witter
About the cold and the rain
Then in summer the sun
Gives them cause to complain
So like ‘em or love ‘em
To be English for sure
Is to be in a state of discontentment
Where only tea is the cure!
For tea is quite magic
As it makes all things right
When the English have done battle
And there’s no gin in sight!



Once upon a long lost time
I used to puddle jump
With macintosh and rubber boots
Into the shallow pools
And splatter droplets, laugh and yelp
With giggles and with glee
As water swelled and burst its skin
To soak both you and me

I’d run and leap and land into
The rain-filled basins that
Amalgamated post the storm
And splish and splosh and splash
And fun was had, excitement seen
As small child ran into
The puddles on the pavements edge
From clouds and mist and dew

Yet now when torrents tumble down
From darkened skies above
And water gushes down the street
And gullies overflow
As pools of water fill to brim
From sharpened watery spears
That lash from heavens open wide
I try to hide my tears

And run against this weather’s tide
The damp and misery
Fighting against the drizzle and
The wetness that abounds
A battle twixt the will to stay
Inside the warm and dry
Less memories from childhood days
When rains fell from the sky

A Lost Summer’s Dream

They said it was summer
No word of a lie
As the heavens opened up
And rain fell from the sky
In torrents; in downpours
Day after day
Fabulous for ducks
Or if Noah came to stay
But in truth it was horrid
Miserable and soggy
As hour after hour
It drizzled constantly
With no let-up; no blue skies
No bright clear sunshine
Whilst the forecasters promised
It would be dry and be fine
But their words washed away
Down the street in a stream
Of flood water drowning
A lost summer’s dream

Monday’s Gloom

Monday’s here; they’re all the same
Grey and damp like gloomy rain
Falling on Sunday’s parade
As memories of the weekend fade

After The Storm

Rain drops evaporate on distant horizon
Blue skies dispel darker clouds
And the smell of a wet earth percolates olfactory senses
With a dampness beneath the rainbowed arch
As moss flourishes, drips drop
The torrents turn to a trickle
And a new world emerges from the storm


Bank Holiday

And true to form, Bank Holiday
Has come round once again
With torrents of the wet stuff that
We call torrential rain

For right on time, almost on cue
The downpour has arrived
As heavens open up and drop
Their payload from the skies

But that’s the way it always is
A soggy damp affair
So make the most and dance it in
Less complain ‘It’s not fair’

Rain Moods (Haiku)

Why is it the rain
Washes away tolerance?
Does it shrink the heart?


The Storm (Haiku)

Dissension midst clouds
As storms rage overhead and
Rains pelt silver darts



It’s pouring down with rain
The garden is afloat
But fear not, for with British will
I’ll build myself a boat!

I’ll don full length galoshes
A coat, umbrella too
And dream of sailing out of here
To warmer climes with you!

To see the world by water
Out on the highest sea
To circumnavigate the globe
And take in its beauty!

With thanks for my friend Keith for the use of his rainy day picture

With thanks for my friend Keith for the use of his rainy day picture


Rain reigning down on the world
As clouds burst forth their payload
In a million droplets
Like diamonds falling from the sky
Cascading in heaven’s waterfall
To saturate the earth

English: rain

English: rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)