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Release young minds of those who live
Enslaved by adult will
Protect their heart, their lives, their wish
Autonomy instil
And grant them peace and comfort path
The way we’d wish it be
Safeguard their feelings and passions
And give them liberty

For children who are held constrained
By academic chain
Or by the power of autocrats
Who drill them and then drain
Won’t flourish into citizens
Who live responsibly
But bear the brunt to carry on
Their lives quite miserably

So free their minds, release them do
Encourage and inspire
The younger generation to
Grab life and so aspire
To walk a path paved in respect
With love reliably
So they will in turn do the same
In reciprocity

Reciprocal Altruism

You’ll find that there’s a simple rule
In life that goes like this
The more you contribute; put in
The more you will not miss

For by some mutuality
If you try to be kind
The same will greet you in your walk
Sweet kindness you’ll then find

And people will be kinder and
More generous, lovely
Because they feel that you have taken
More time with them you see

So show a little interest in
Their lives, their ways, their means
For returns of added kindness
Like boosters or vaccines

Yes!  Counter any ill ways with
Kind-heartedness withstood
Reciprocal altruism
All for the greater good

Reciprocal Altruism