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There are mirrors that make you look big
There are mirrors that make you look small
There are mirrors that make you look round
Like a bulbous rotund bouncy ball

But the mirrors I think I like best
Are the eyes that reflect what’s within
Like a mirror that sees all that’s hidden
Caring not if you’re fat or you’re thin


The Face Says It All

There is a face I used to see
Then soft in youthful glow
So full of smiles and happy cheer
That all wanted to know

But now as time has passed that face
Has wizened; grown so harsh
With spite set deep between the eyes
And mood sodden like marsh

Or swamp maybe that sags and hangs
That threatens to behold
In rolls of venoms wanton clasp
From lies that it has told

It scorns the path with ill intent
No mercy and no grace
Just anger, loss and life’s etchings
Scrawled deep into that face

And when I look my heart cries out
With sadness for the state
Of ugliness that’s taken grip
So much contempt and hate

And pray that as the years retreat
The visage will recall
Lost kindness, truth and better mood
For the face says it all

The Face

The face is a painting of the soul and the heart
A picture portraying great calm or disquiet
An image apparent either free or in pain
A depiction of life in a personal refrain
Either singing an aria so sweet and so true
Or mumbling in minor chords oh so blue
And so in the mirror the one who appears
Is a reflection of life across many years

The Rainbow

In circle band of spectral light
In sky illusion’s ring
From clouds to view the loop so clear
Below the arc rising

From red to green to violet
Sun’s rays refracted through
And mirrored in the rain, the mist
Or even morning dew

Still more a second bow appears
Beholden reversed rays
From indigo to yellows; reds
In turn above displays

A covenant to all the earth
Of rich diversity
As Nature’s prism shines; revels
The power of unity

The Rainbow

Two Faced Delusion

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?”

“Well, that’s,” said Mirror “hard to say.
Which face of yours is on display?
The one you show to Mrs B?
Or the face you show right now to me?
It’s hard to say which face is fair
For you behold two faces there”

“Oh come now Mirror, so confused!
For only one face do I use!
Why do you think you’re the police?
Come Mirror see I keep the peace
Or that is what I think I do
Is that not fair – does it hurt you?”

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Now say that I’m most fair of all”

Two Faced

Two Faced (Photo credit: S1ON)