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Rat In A Box

Craving for another fix
Addicted to the bait
The rat that Skinner once foretold
Comes early, never late

And presses all the buttons
For pellets one by one
No care that she’s predictable
So long she has won

Won the reward she wants to win
The feather in her hat
With belly filled to oversized
Yet branded on her back

But in actual reality
She is a rat in box
Responding just as she is bid
Until fed to the fox!

English: Skinner box

English: Skinner box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Positive Reinforcement

Let me tell you how it is
The game of true rewards
Responding to a stimulus
To gain like and applaud

It stimulates the synapses
And animates them so
The neural kick deep in the brain
Excited in the flow

The flow of prizes and pure praise
A hearty pack on back
That says to mind, “Go do again!”
Addicted right on track

To want more of this good thing
The smiling, happy way
That motivates us to go on
In dopamine display

And so in cyclic pleasure
The pattern does repeat
With pleasure sensors all alert
To raise the old heart beat!

And lest our conscious knowledge
We’re putty in the hand
Of positive reinforcement
Moulded like grains of sand

No fingers were hurt in the making of this picture

No fingers were hurt in the making of this picture (Photo credit: Kerri Lee Smith)