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Sunday Afternoon (Haiku)

Sunday afternoon
Time to snooze and pretend that
There’s no tomorrow


Ahead blue skies
Carrying away the weight of the world
In a breeze of summer comfort
Enlightening the heart
Uplifting the mind
Basking in the sun’s warm rays
Where worry dissipates
And contentment returns




Hello Friday! How are you?
Please I’d say to see
The week that has just passed us by
Now ended thankfully

And with you we now welcome in
The weekend for a bit
Of relaxation, chilled out times
For these will be a hit!

And so from Thursday we’ve moved on
To raise a glass and say
Good riddance week! Farewell! Adieu!
Let’s hear it for Friday!

Metropolis relaxing after a show...

Metropolis relaxing after a show… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)