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They call it Zentangle
But in essence it’s more
Unwinding the mind
And the head to ensure
You can doddle your way
Through this mayhem of life
To relax, to chill out
To release any strife
As pen and ink harmonise
Together as one
Cross sketched pages of patterns
Till that stress is all gone
And your brain is placated
You feel more at ease
Altogether restored
Revived if you please
Expressed on a canvas
In a notepad; at will
With meditative charm as you
Sit and be still
And soak in the goodness
Through the eye of your pen
Untangling the tangle
To the power of Zen



The Masseuse

The masseuse at work
Conducting an orchestral symphony of melodic rapport
In rhythmic accord over the contours of flesh
As a ripple of calm serenity spreads out
Uniting the trinity of body, mind and spirit
Sweeping and swirling towards deep relaxation
As the mind laps at the shores of consciousness
The body ebbs on the tides of restoration
And the soul hums to the lullaby of tranquility
Together in sweet surrender to being

Frustration Friday

Frustration Friday! Flipping heck!
It’s just one of those days
When all about are being daft
Or going through a phase
Of being really stupid and
Annoying to a tee
Forgetting this, not doing that
Just so annoyingly

And so I think I’ll jump into
The weekend ahead of time
Pretend it’s Saturday instead
Regain rhythm and rhyme
Chilling and putting up my feet
Away from all this stress
And have a three day holiday
To feel a lot more blessed!

Embraced By Weekend’s Kiss

I wish you all a fun weekend
Of fun and family
Of laughter and good cheer and more
Of happiness and glee

I wish you all some r n r
To chill and take a break
Some time to spend with those you love
Some time that is first rate

I wish you all pure joy and peace
A weekend of sheer bliss
Recuperate; restock; renew
Embraced by weekend’s kiss

all flickr friends, a relaxing, healthy weekend

all flickr friends, a relaxing, healthy weekend (Photo credit: dicau58)

White Waffle Robes

If I was an alien
Going into a spa
I’d think to myself
Wow – this is bizarre
For the people that go there
Are an interesting breed
To the casual observer
They just sit or just read

Or perhaps indulge in and enjoy
The treatments that await
With massages and manicures
Pampering to create
The ambiance of relaxation
Under the banner of fun
For the peace and the quiet
Attracts the old and the young

Or maybe they visit the gym
And lift a large kilogram weight
Or sleep by the pool
From noon until eight
Then at dinner they sit further
At their tables in rows
Wearing similar gowns
With slippers covering their toes

But to alien visiting
You have to agree
They might well be confused
At this simplicity
Contrasting the chaos and bustle
From the rest of the globe
With the spa’s tranquil subscription
To the white waffle robes