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The yellow rose symbolises friendship and care. They also represent remembrance. This poem is dedicated then to friendship and the everlasting blessing they give 💕


The moon bleeds red tears on Armistice eve
A reminder of those who we sadly now grieve
Who paid the high price for our freedom and more
In battles and conflicts and heinous war
Their sacrifice recalled in the blooded moonlight
Their acts of such heroism saving our plight
To be remembered forever; their loss now our debt
Let hearts not go cold; let us never forget

English: When Moon seen very close to the hori...

English: When Moon seen very close to the horizon, the long sight-line through the atmosphere, filters and reddens the moonlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A dedication to those who served in the D-Day Landings (6th June 1944)

I will never forget you
Always; always there
The men that went to save us all
From tyranny; despair
Ahead the roaring Dakota
To bring about new light
A light that now shines luminously
Across the world tonight

I will never forget you
Always; Always true
On beach history surging forward
Yet for many their adieu
And you?  It cost everything
Past this world to the next
Your sacrifice; the final one
In a place so very vexed

I will never forget you
Always; Always young
At peace now from the cries of war
Your old age n’er to be sung
And me; I will remember well
The chaos and the pain
The costly price of freedom, may
It never be in vain

We will never forget you
Always ; always there
The men that went to save us all
From tyranny; despair
And let the lessons learnt stay true
The guns of war now cease
Uphold the light of soldiers in
Hope of a world at peace

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in France.  BBC Radio Lincolnshire played a tape recording of four Veterans from the county through the day, Tony Blackman, Arthur Ernie Coville, Bernard John Hale and John Summerson.  It concluded “I want to go back to leave some of myself behind to the fallen lads that I knew – I shall always think about those that we left behind – always” 

We will remember them – always.

Lest We Forget

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them


Through the misted dawn of yesterday
A new morrow came in view
And through the one way gate from life
I turned and passed right through
I looked and saw you crying
And my heart reached out to you
For now your turn has not arrived
To walk into the blue

But when you need me remember this
Our memoirs will pave the way
A connection in the ether
That will be there night and day
And reminisce with fondness
Let me see you smile and play
And let your laughter ring aloud
To shine like the sun’s ray

And don’t grieve that I have had to leave
That this is the end; adieu
Instead be brave and look ahead
New beginnings, ventures new
And live and hope and flourish
And be happy as you do
For my Darling, I promise this
I’ll watch right over you.


Always Remembered – Never Forgotten