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Seize the Day

I had a dream last night – a really clear dream of a meadow on a hillside. Surrounding the meadow was hustle and bustle but here it was tranquil and peaceful and people just sat apart but collectively in rows almost in meditative states imbuing the serenity of the space. The grass was damp and the earth was cold beneath them but no-one seemed bothered as they sat there planted on their spot. The sky was dappled blue and breeze washed across the hillside – a warmer breeze that whispered with hope. Somewhere birds sang but apart from that there was a healthy silence that permeated the spirits and souls of the people on this hill. It was as though they were being refuelled in readiness for a new morrow.

And I thought that new morrow won’t be long now when the world reawakens from her year’s slumber and those folk are able to move from their segregated spots on the hillside. And I wonder how we will use this opportunity – what will we have learned and what will we do. I can still feel the breeze and pray it will be the wind of change. For we all miss our yesterdays but our tomorrows could be so much better if we so choose. A once in a lifetime opportunity to seize the day, open fresh eyes and live anew. But it all starts in our dreams.

Seize the day

Cry Salty Tears

Sad sad world
Cry salty tears
To bring healing; health; peace
And let the sun shine again
Pure brilliant rays
Melting the souls of those who hate
Brightening the lives of those who mourn
Warming those left out in the cold

Sad sad world
Cry salty tears
To cleanse; purify; preserve
Without prejudice
And let love; harmony and hope
Restore the joy
Washing over each of individual, family and community
Celebrating diversity
Resonating unity


New Beginnings

There’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Especially when the starting point
Closes a past that craved for more
The past that stifled like a noose
Draining life so far away
Constraining like iron shackles
That made the night persist all day

But by stepping in the present
And putting the past so far behind
Living life in the moment
Becomes a tonic to the mind
And the heart then lightens swiftly
Embracing renewed vitality and peace
With blessed breaths of freshened air
For longevity that won’t cease

And looking to the future
Instills hope and more besides
Learning from the lessons of the past
With those today sat side by side.
So there’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Taking giant steps or just small ones
Such inspiration opens doors!