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Purple Flame

Lord Listen!

I believe I missed the email
That came straight from the Lord
Saying “Reply with hallelujahs
To confirm that you’re on board
To tick terms and conditions
And to say that indeed you
Feel that your faith is strong and sure
And eternally true”

But instead I didn’t answer
And for seven long years
He sent a plague of ailments
And a host of all my fears
Called poverty and homelessness
Divorce and hard up times
Sickness, death and famine
And other types of grime

And so I said, “Lord listen!
I’ve really had enough
Of all the bad you’ve dumped on me
The really rotten stuff
You’ve landed on my doorstep
For you’ve treated me badly
And what I just don’t get now
Is how you say that you love me”

“So, can you be more gentler
Show your hand of kindness please
Less sending all the bugs and such
Stop being such a tease
Let me know that what you say you are
Is genuinely right
For from my corner it appears
You’re really not in sight!”

To which He smiled and nodded
Said “Do you just not see
That in this time of trouble
You’ve grown through adversity
You’ve learnt about resilience
You’ve paved a way and more
For the wounds and scars have left you so
Much better off for sure!”

“For when all’s said and all is done
And you really, truly see
Less any faith or any god
You have just innately
A tool kit that you can draw on
Whenever you’re willing
For you are blessed with all you need
To get through anything!”

And the moral of this story
Whether times be good or bad
Is focus on your strengths for sure
Not on the latest fad
And see that wealth and riches
Don’t come from banks or gold
But are harboured in your heart and mind
And are always yours to hold!


You think you are my nemesis
You think you will undo
My mind, my heart, my will, my life
But believe me that ain’t true
Cos I choose who I listen to
I choose how I will be
And beat the bastards, every time
Not fall but choose for free
To focus with a pure intent
Just so invincible
You think you are my nemesis
But just on principle


Anyone dealing with a disability and life’s daily routines might resonate with this! In my case it’s not being beat by exams with poor health! Onwards and upwards – as they say! 🙂


Curved Balls

There’s nothing like a deal breaker
Of life that throws curved balls
But somehow still past all of that
There’s wonder to recall
The magic and ability
To bend and flex despite
Those ups and downs, and ins and outs
When problems chafe and bite

Yet still with pliability
Complete with anchored shield
There’s something to amend our course
That also will still yield
A life that can collaborate
And work through muck and mire
However bad, however curved
Resilience transpires

So dodge and duck these obstacles
To see the whole game plan
And lower expectations
If things go down the pan
For in each life it just might be
That other ways unfold
That we won’t comprehend until
The curved ball’s in our hold!

Chihuly Ball Tub - Desert Botanical Garden

Chihuly Ball Tub – Desert Botanical Garden (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)

Why Me?

Dear Lord, Why me?
What reason? What excuse?
When you created me?
Why the abuse?
Why, Lord, just why?
So many things gone wrong
A heart that fails to work
So weak – not strong?
Why pick on me?
Why chose to so create
A being with these issues
More of late!
Why think? “I know!
This one will do to try
How this and that will test
What goes awry!”
What sort of God
Does all of that
To leave a person
In pain feeling flat?

But Lord, you know
I’ll tell you what I think!
When pushed too far right there
Just to the brink
I’ll sing out loud
And see the good not bad
I’ll walk a life of joy
Not stay so sad
I’ll see the vista
Feel the fresh new air
And face each day
Renewed without a care
I’ll not submit
I’ll not give in and cry
For Lord, I’ll make this life
My friend; ally
And I will bear it
Not just like a cross
But fly right through because
I am the boss

I am in charge
Of life; my liberty
I want to be the one
Who swims so free
I want to know
I lived my life so well
Despite the obstacles
Not live in hell
I know I have
The choice for that is true
For you at least gave me
Freewill; sinew
And so my song
Will be this very one
One that has fought so hard
And overcome
A life all lived
With purpose and intent
A life that sees the good
Without relent
And so when I
Have drawn my last dear breath
I’ll wear a smile that loved and
Goes past death

Sunrise Serenity

Sunrise Serenity (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)


There’s one thing that we know for sure
That life hands out hard knocks
That it can throw a curved ball out
And knock you off your blocks

For some we see these knocks approach
Whilst some come from the blue
But with resilience we can
Help soften the blow too

And with such help then stored in hand
We’ll bounce back when we’re hit
Drawing upon the skills in our
Resilient tool kit

Resilience a helpful tool
That gives us strength in life
To weather out so many storms
Hostile and full of strife

And so in its own abstract way
Resilience can be
The buffer to life’s stress and strains
And much adversity