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Respect Each Other

R egard and consideration
E xpressions of respect
S incere and true connections
P romoting esteem with great effect
E ssential obligation
C rystalized in human form
T olerance and patience that

E choes past the storm
A ppreciation over everything
C hallenges of worthiness
H onouring the other person

O penly with openness
T ruth and responsibility
H arnessing a loving grace
E verything to everybody
R espect for the human race


Love, Respect and Responsibility

Love, respect, responsibility
Three words on a theme
Linked in together
Revealing the dream

A creed that’s imparted
On lives to bestow
The essence of unity
And ready to go

Love in its fullness
Wholesome and true
Unconditional in rendering
With hope to imbue

Respect for each other
Perceptive not blind
Upholding the other
Considering mankind

Responsibility so intrinsic
Autonomy at its best
Consequential yet wholesome
Without blame to invest

Love, respect and responsibility
Three words on a theme
The glue in the equation
Sealing the seam.