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It’s Not My Fault!

A portrait of Victim’s consciousness


Scales of Justice

Let the scales of justice
Less so fall on the side of blame and judgement
But more so lean towards truth and responsibility
Enlisting a more free and enlightened world

Justice (Haiku)

In search of the truth
Honour and integrity
Upholding justice


Fight your own battles
Make your own way
Take on responsibility
Be accountable each day
And don’t pass on the buck
Or hand out the blame
But subscribe to the truth
And play a fair game



They said the teens would sometimes be
A trial; a testing time
A time when doors were slammed in face
And moods would rock not rhyme

They said that attitudes would be
Perplexing at the least
That from such sweet and charming child
Would rise pubescent beast

They mentioned that all speech would be
Replaced with teenage grunt
That hormones would then wax less wane
And surge unchecked rampant

They said to batten down the hatch
To put an armour on
Against the throws of teenage might
When thy will not be done!

But therein lies the issue
For in the teenage years
The will becomes a sticky thing
A battle of ideas

As young minds learn to realize
What makes them think and tick
Their values; not those of their folks
No longer ruled by sticks

A time where pure autonomy
Becomes the thing that they
Harbinger after and crave for
Save each and every day

A time when they take up the wheel
To find a pathway clear
Where wise parents help read the map
But let their teen then steer

Where cars still have dual brake systems
Yet just one set of gears
And plans and dreams stretch out ahead
Reigns loosened year on year

So when they say the teens will be
A trial; a testing time
Take heart for it is not always
And can be just sublime!

Teens sharing earphones, listening music outdo...

Teens sharing earphones, listening music outdoor. Summer time. This image is taken from SCA’s international report Hygiene Matters 2010. For more info, please visit . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Where is responsibility?
Where is duty of care?
Where is accountability?
Where is the heart out there?
Where is the means of those who should
Know better and act more?
Where are the feet of giants who must
Step up? We do implore!

For each and every day it seems
No-one will take a stand
And honour obligation or
Take commitment hand in hand
Yet pass the buck, let people down
Renege on their duty
Where is the means to sort this out
In truth responsibly?


Truth and Responsibility

There’s a culture of blame apparent
That’s swept across the land
Paralysing the sense of freedom
Taking truth hostage in its stand

There’s a move towards complacency
That’s asphyxiating hearts
An inability to apologize
Segregating into parts

There’s a harbouring of hatred
Suffocating liberty
Depriving love and laughter
Detaining in captivity

There’s an ethos of rash judgement
That fails to understand
Neglecting to appreciate
Different perceptions hand in hand

There’s a path of destruction
That stifles global breath
Draining empathy and compassion
Leaving a trail of death

There’s a choice to be made?
A subscription to integrity
Upholding honour daily
With truth and responsibility

Love, Respect and Responsibility

Love, respect, responsibility
Three words on a theme
Linked in together
Revealing the dream

A creed that’s imparted
On lives to bestow
The essence of unity
And ready to go

Love in its fullness
Wholesome and true
Unconditional in rendering
With hope to imbue

Respect for each other
Perceptive not blind
Upholding the other
Considering mankind

Responsibility so intrinsic
Autonomy at its best
Consequential yet wholesome
Without blame to invest

Love, respect and responsibility
Three words on a theme
The glue in the equation
Sealing the seam.