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Results Day

With pensive breath
With perspiring brow
With quivering hands
The time is now
To reveal results
To realise the grade
To reach out; retrieve
The final score played

The walk up to school
The longest one yet
The mood is quite tense
No time now to bet
On the level achieved
On the score handed out
With hope still in the offing
Bar a tinge of self doubt

To fetch out the envelope
To rip open and see
To desire that the outcome
Is the best it can be,
And with one final deep gasp
With one brave hearted smile
With conviction, resolve
A prayer that it’s all been worthwhile

Wishing all GCSE pupils receiving results this morning, every best wish in the world


Don’t Give Up!

If you’ve been so very lucky
To get the results you wanted to
Then take a bow and then move on
To your chosen pastures new

But if you’ve not got what you hoped for
Then don’t give up or despair
Because there’s more success in failure
When you carry on from there

For to realize true potential
Sometimes takes a few attempts
So go on forth with focus new,
And perseverance not exempt

For with determination fostered
With motivation new
And a little bit of self-belief
There’s much more for you to do

And who’s to say that it won’t be
Better than that you had hoped for
Because life is full of opportunity
That unlocks and opens doors

So dust yourself off and regather
And get on your za za zing
Then step out proudly in the knowledge
That you’re quite simply amazing!

For the skill in life isn’t always
To walk on down an easy way
But to navigate these obstacles
Enjoying each and every day!