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To follow in the footsteps
In the feet of those from old
Tradition steeped in history
Well trodden boards behold

Cementing in the future
Successes of the past
To bring about a sense of pride
Identities to last

Stability in what has gone
Pre-empting rhythm’s rhyme
Transmission of the old to new
Through passages of time


Pinch Punch, First Day of the Month

There’s a custom in England
From the witches of old
When salt would be flicked
To stop them being so bold
And a punch would ensue
With a hefty big kick
To ensure that the witch
Would be gone pretty quick

And now first thing on awaking
On the first of each month
We turn to our dearest
To give a gentle “pinch punch”
Then we add “no returns”
To avoid a flick in the eye
Which can be the response
For those being so sly!