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The A1

Long winding trunk road, what do you see?
Cars in their millions as well as lorries
Plodding along or zooming on by
As you stretch out ahead into the blue sky

Do you notice the madness; the huge traffic jams
The chaos upon you; the biffs and the bams
The sirens; the hooting; the screech of some brakes
That cling to your surface when they can’t overtake

Do you feel all those wheels that whizz over your head
The blue cars; the white vans and bikes painted red
Do you know what they’re doing; do you care or perceive
For the volume of traffic that wends and that weaves

Do you fathom the greatness of Britain in one
As you pass our great cities and country on your run
Do you lap up the sights and soak up the views
I wonder long trunk road what it is to be you?

And what do you think as you leave London Town
Heading north to the borders closing in on the crown
Of Gaelic descent; Edinburgh’s abode
Do you sense your achievement my dear Old North Road?



Look Forward

Look forward to your future
Be inspired by where you go
Have fun! Enjoy! And make the most
Relax! Go with the flow
And with a drop of courage
A spoon of wisdom wise
Take steps forward on pathways new
With dreams up in the sky
But keep your foothold steady
Your mind intent, secure
With focus, dedication, might
And you’ll do fine for sure!

English: Road in the UAE. Français : Une route...

English: Road in the UAE. Français : Une route aux Émirats arabes unis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pot Holes

Pot Holes!  Bain of the driver’s world
The caverns of the road
The persecutor of all tyres
To wreck and throw the load

With frequent punctures and bent wheels
The blight that drives us mad
So time m’thinks to fix the roads
For they are really bad!

They’re pitted and so gnawed away
Lost tarmac now reveals
Road surfaces cross country wide
Transport’s achilles heels!

English: Pot-holes on Nelstrop Road North This...

English: Pot-holes on Nelstrop Road North This road surfacing has been in an unfinished state for at least sixty years. Probably a result of poor liaison between a builder and the local Authority, and in the meantime an embarrassing nightmare for the local householders. In the distance is the serpentine road junction at Tallyrand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)