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Waiting For Your Love

Hear me, my love
Rustling through the trees
Whispering in the wind
Calling across the ocean
And rolling in the deep
Up hill down dale
As a dove coos and eagle soars
Hailing thee yonder
Yearning to be heard
In this wilderness of a beating heart

For though you may be gone
You are always there
Alive in my mind’s eye
Like an arrow of desire
Piercing my soul; my spirit
For I loved you from the first
And will love you to the end
Sweet rock of passion
Lodged in my heart
Forever and a day

And let us not look back on what has gone
Yet more so to that which will be
Enjoying this moment; this time
Posited here in the now
As the waters lap upon the shore
The tides wash in renewed
And the moon waxes a new morrow
For here I am waiting
Waiting for you
Waiting for your love



Sonnet To Infinite Love

Love heralds in the sun, the stars, the moon
The universe beyond and milky way
The essence of the sea it does festoon
Love’s ocean depths and mountain’s height display
With radiance ablaze in its pure light
Love’s hope embracing planetary zeal
Unchanging, constant, sure and ever bright
It harnesses, protects. Love is the deal
And yet it is has no limits, will not wait
Cannot be summoned or called in at will
Love is not bound in fear or found in hate
Nor held a hostage tethered or kept still
       For love a force that is forever free
       Extends beyond; goes past infinity

Sonnet to Infinite Love

Cupid’s Chocolates

Cupid’s chocolates, roses red
Petals scattered and outspread
Hearts abound, love in the air
Romance here and everywhere
Flowers and sweets much more beside
Valentine’s hearts burst with pride
Love the blessing above all
Free and unconditional


Betty's Dark Chocolate Heart With Champagne Tr...

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Such Love

Such Love

Love! Oh nature’s passion
The greatest blessing above all
Like moon and stars, the wind and rain
The sun, the waterfall
The tempest and the lightening
The waves, mountain’s above
A force that comes unbidden
Innately free!  Such Love!

Lost Love

Forever in my thoughts, my heart
And also in my dreams
Forever in my mind, my life
Held dear in my esteem

Away on distant shoreline now
A beach so far away
The memories in eternity
The past alive today

A union’s chosen legacy
From times of utter bliss
Those days now that have died and gone
A life to reminisce

The harbinger of seasons sweet
Good eras that we shared
The love that then existed and
The joy that once was there

A pledge to hold and to uplift
With truth responsibly
To cherish a lost heritage
The best of you and me

And even though our love is lost
That love that has now ceased
Accepting what has gone before
Revives, inspires, gives peace.

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Independent Love

Love respects and honours
It understands and cares
It steps back and offers freedom
And extends a hand of care

It listens with an open heart
Does not defend or shout
Or control or cling in any way
Nor forget what you’re about

Rejoicing in spontaneity
If feeds on openness
Encouraging free thinkers
To share a life more blessed

It turns its back on toxins
That paralyse and crush
For love seeks not approval
Nor through mental edits rush

In strength it raises individuals
Uplifts autonomy
To nurture self-reliance
With strong bonds so lovingly

For love thrives on independence
As dependent it might be
To instil rich equilibriums
That breed longevity


Endless Love

As the tide goes out
And life ebbs away
As the moon wanes
At the end of the day

As the dawn turns to dusk
And the sun begins to set,
Will you still love me
Or will you forget?

Will you still cherish?
Will you endear?
Will you move away
Or will you stay near?

Will you remember me?
Will you still care?
Will you caress me
And your love still declare?

Will you send random texts
That I adore and that surprise?
Will you call me with poetry
For your love to surmise?

Will you kiss me as often?
Will you love me as much?
Will you tell me all these things
With the same heart felt touch?

Will our love be forever?
Will it last, will it be true?
When the sun sets on the horizon
Will you want me with you?

What is Love?

Is it the embrace of a lovers’ kiss?
A sonnet imparted
A red rose
Sweet nothings whispered in an ear
A hug, a caress, or a hand to hold
Is it a look that transcends all emotions?
Or a touch that resonates in an essence entwined
Does love not champion and give succour?

Is it marked by indelible etchings into another’s heart?
A sentiment felt
Steadfast, honest, patient and sincere
Delivering kindness, selflessly in benefaction
Imbuing senses symphonically and with crescendo
Yet peacefully redeeming and nurturing the inner sanctum
Is love not contingent on being unconditional?

Is love the commentary of passionate senses abducted?
Time in waiting
A satiation of true devotion and affection
The indispensible impetus in life towards unifying the separated
Yet in its magnitude an expression of the inexpressible
For a life time into eternity love is without definition
For love’s rendition needs no translation.

Wishing our friends who got married yesterday and all other couples who are tying the knot this summer a life of love, happiness, fulfilment and contentment in the years to come.