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Rose Sunday

A Sunday for joy
In shades of rose rejoicing
As Christmas comes soon



Rags Over Riches

Throw me rags over riches
Cast me poverty less strife
I’ll give peace and understanding
And won’t twist in the knife

I’ll call on strength; resilience
And power to love despite
The ways of darkness, fierce control
That take a bitter bite

And my throne will be one that is
A seat of harmony
Save crown of thorns that spears my head
From rose brier bleeding me

And I’ll still give out compassion
A heart that does not hate
Forgiveness at my very core
And hope that liberates

I’ll bear the load serenely
Whatever hits my face
And live a life that’s founded on
Pure kindness filled with grace

Cropped Small Red Rose

Cropped Small Red Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Beware the beauty of the rose
The flower with thorny shard
With bloom that rivals beauty bright
Or simply a façade?

The marriage of both love and hate
Dichotomous accord
The Rose with petals; fragrance sweet
Next poisoned dart on board

The thorn that draws on blood so red
As red as heart’s desire
With short sharpness in stark defence
The barb that cuts like wire

Beware the beauty of the rose
The flower with thorny shard
With bloom that rivals beauty bright
Or simply a façade?

Red Rose, image compressed

Red Rose, image compressed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bed of Roses

They say that life is simply not
A bed of roses pure
But I just cannot take that line
And think it is for sure

For roses come with many things
With thorns and petal growth
So when we talk of such a bed
It takes account of both

The thing to see though isn’t good
Or bad as different things
But see the sliding scale of life
The ups and downs it brings

Then understand that through all this
Just like a rose we grow
Where thorns and petals blend as one
To make the flower we know

The flower that blooms with brilliance
In great displays to see
So that our lives reflect this bed
Of roses constantly

Bed of roses

The Heart of the Rose

The heart of the rose with love resides
Internally, intrinsically, incandescently besides
In concordance and collaboration and unity and more
With petals from Venus and Cupid’s arrows soar
The heart of the rose through the months of the year
Bringing wishes of love from a heart, so sincere

Nature’s Perfection

I see the rose
Neatly folded swathes of petals
Cocooning a central core
Wrapping delicately
To release a visual splendour

I see the new born baby
Always a miracle
In innocence and sweetness
Soft and gentle
Beauty in its purest form

I see the starlit sky
A million wishes to be made
Sparkling vestibules of light
Skating across the galaxy
Against the azure haze

I see the spec of sand
Amidst the beach
White grains of freedom
As nature’s gate
To the ocean’s wide

I see all these
Visions of excellence
Images of brilliance in awe and wonder
Complete and unflawed
Revealing nature’s perfection