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The Salesmen

Beware the window salesman
He’ll stand about and chat
And sell you frames, conservatories
And flaps just for your cat
He’ll even do you offers
On gutters; facias too
And heaven only knows his deals
On front doors – good as new!

For in all truth he’s just so like
The car salesman down the street
Who sells you a soft top with just
Two front and no back seats
Despite the fact you’re pregnant
With hordes of kids at home
For somehow he convinces you
You need some time alone!

You need some time! Well don’t you just!
But in reality
With baby number 5 soon due
Those days you cannot see
Yet still you drive away from there
In red Mercedes Benz
To house with new conservatory
Both salesmen now your friends!

Mercedes-Benz SLR (C199)

Mercedes-Benz SLR (C199) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)