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School’s Out For Summer

School’s out for summer
The kids are really glad
Grandma’s baking extra cakes
And smiles have replaced sad
As teacher’s get a well earnt break
And Mum and Dad get space
To not be rushed to fit it all
Into the big rat race

And road users say “Praise the Lord”
Until the schools go back
Cos they’ll get there in double time
With empty lanes and tracks
And shop keepers rub greedy mitts
Thinking of all the sales
As kids sprout through the summer months
And clothes depart their rails

So that by 1st September
When it’s time to return
Each child is cloaked in uniform
That says it’s time to learn
And also time to grow again
To have a chance to fit
Into the oversized jumper
And all other school kit

But for now let’s enjoy them
The holidays that is
Even though in a few short days
All will be in a tizz
With parents pulling out their hair
And cursing just how tough
It is to occupy young minds
Swearing they’ve had enough!


Back to School!

Back to school! Oh great!  I think not!
To catch the bugs and nits
Side step the playground bullies midst
Those kids with pus filled zits
To duck the banter wagon
Avoiding drugs and drink
To hide away in lavatories
Whilst snatching forty winks
To tolerate the teachers
Save those who froth and foam
And watch the classroom wall clock til
It’s time to come back home!

Back to school! Oh great! I think not!
Homework issued every day
Arithmetic and reading books
A bore!  I want to play
With bans on almost everything
No gadgets or iphones
And games that might just make it fun
Save breaking any bones
With all the rules so rigid and
Consequences pretty hard
Back to school! Oh great! I think not!
When are hols next on the cards?


School’s Out

“School’s out!  Oh yes!  Thank god!” you say
A whole week from regime
Of getting up and getting out
Of cleaning shoes to gleam

No more harassment every day
From teacher’s who don’t care
No Maths, no algebra – oh yes!
No more to raise my hair

A week of doing r ‘n’ r
To rest, relax, just be
The person who I like the best
The person who is me

And not the system’s robot who
Is bullied and oppressed
For all they ever want to hear
Is “Yes, Miss” “Yes, Sir” “Yes”

Contrary to my wish in life
To see the world anew
To learn the lessons that I need
With truth out in the blue

The blue beyond the school yard gate
That stretches out beyond
To pastures green that leadeath me
Out there across the pond

To sail the deepest ocean’s wide
To scale the highest heights
For school?  OK it has it’s place
But I prefer the sights

That stretch me and expose me to
Instruction that gives more
So “School’s out!  Oh yes!  Thank goodness!” for
I’m gone now. Out the door!