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School Run Mums …. and their four wheeled drives ;)

School Mums and their huge four wheel drives
A combination that
Is best avoided if one does
Not want to be mowed flat
As little Jonny gets a lift
One hundred yards from home
In Mummy’s brand new Range Rover
So that she’s not alone
When battle starts outside the school
Dare someone not give way
To her with perfect make up and
Red painted nails that say
You really shouldn’t mess with me
For in my truck I’m big
And you will be crushed ‘neath my tyres
Like an abandoned twig!

And so she ploughs straight right on through
In case dear Jonny’s late
But how much better would it be
If she showed much less hate
For all the other road users
Showed them they were worth more
Than just the inconvenience
She can’t stand; abhors!
And set a good example for
Her boy so when he grows
No matter what car he then drives
He’ll have respect to show
Him up to be a warrior
For good, kindness and fun
And maybe walk his kids to school
The way she should have done!