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Seeds of Spring

Seeds dispersing through the air
On springtime gentle breeze
In warmer winds as birds return
With gracefulness and ease

As life bursts forth upon the earth
With a pure green verdancy
To see buds spout into full bloom
And nests line every tree

Lambs frolicking in open fields
Bluebells in seas of blue
The world reviving life again
To shine forth so anew



Imagination’s Fayre

Sow the seeds of magic
To warm and incubate
And there will be a tree that grows
So mighty and so great

A tree that buds so brightly
With petals and full blooms
With flowers that herald wonder
And exotic perfumes

A harbinger of feathered flock
With plumes of vibrancy
To take flight into distant lands
For hope’s vivacity

A tree that will outlast the years
Laden full with fruit so rare
And pods of inspiration’s dreams
Imagination’s fayre

Magical Colorful Sunset Tree Silhouette

Magical Colorful Sunset Tree Silhouette (Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna)