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A fettered self beholden to
The whims of others folk
Will render fulfilment debunked
Empty and rather broke

For living for extrinsic might
To be ‘in’ at all cost
Will cast one out of their own self
And leave them feeling lost

For though gregarious to all
The outside world they seem
Inside they’re shrivelled, lonely hearts
Hurt, craving more esteem

And so my prayer for these dear folk
Is one where they will see
Their true worth based in who they are
Less who they try to be

For deep within, a rainbow’s end
Lies hidden out of sight
Where the elixir they crave
Rests quietly day and night



And yet it is the small still voice
The whisper deep within
That is forever our guiding compass
The subtle beat that resonates in our heart
Flooding the senses with acuity
Submerging the soul in the waters of conviction
That navigates the harsh winds of chaos
And despite all the seeking
All enquiry
It is in quiet solitude that we find
That we discover who we are

To Be Or Not To Be

If it’s all about the doing
What you say, hear and see
How about a tad more of it
Being about the be

For ‘I am‘ is what’s important
To obtain consistency
A deeper self-awareness
That expresses you from me

As much as ‘you are‘ also
Unique in your own way
To find your inner sanctum
That’s ‘to be‘ day after day

And so in the midst of chaos
To be 
Is at the end the only thing
That will set each heart free

What Is Faith


What is faith
If it is not a projection
A belief
A conviction
Of intrinsic esteem
Living, breathing, being
At one with ourselves
In harmony with each other
United in a universal rhapsody
The still small voice
That whispers from within
Deeper than conscious reckoning
Beyond the spirit of mind
Past the body of self
Yonder the heart of matter
That resonates here and now
Ever holding fast to that which is good
Always sure
Eternally steadfast

Mind Over Matter

My back is sore; my bones all hurt
And strength is gone for sure
Yet somehow through the strife I drive
To settle the old score
The battle that rages right on
That sees which side will win
The body that wants to give up
Or head that won’t give in

For there beholds the fiercest fight
That goes on through the years
When physically one feels a wreck
Yet mentally appears
To not be in a  mood to quit
To say “Ok – I’m done”
For that would deem the will to loose
And body to have won

And so with grit and steadfastness
To bump heads in the fray
The mind determines with intent
To resist all the way
And not submit; capitulate
To body’s chitter-chatter
But carry on despite all that
And win mind over matter

mind over matter.jpg

Be Who You Will Be

When standing on the mountain top
Observe the stunning view
Imbue the scene that jumps for joy
And hops around in you

The sense that you’re invincible
The outlook that inspires
The sentiment that all is great
That blossoms like wild fires

The feeling that spreads right throughout
The mind so rampantly
Behold the vista and just know
That power so pleasingly

For all the world’s your oyster that
Enables you for free
To take the gauntlet and achieve
And be who you will be

Snapshot of Patti overlooking the Glacier Poin...

Snapshot of Patti overlooking the Glacier Point vista (Photo credit: daveynin)

In Control

We wake – we take – we choose – we die
We live – we breathe – we might comply
But won’t succumb to other things
That hold our life in ransomed strings
Save have a creed that’s fair and free
A life that’s based on liberty
To make the choices we would make
To take from life what we would take
And out of that we’ll contribute
To all around; to walk in boot
Of those who need a helping hand
To live our life in our command
To be the one that owns our goal
For from that base we’ll have control


goals (Photo credit: anjan58)


Take a drop of inspiration
To put the colour in your day
With kisses of encouragement
To set out on your pathway

To lift you and enthuse you
To discover who you want to be
To show you aspiration
To open doors of possibility

To give vision and direction
With focus footholds sure
Using inspiration’s spirit
For motivation to do more