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A fettered self beholden to
The whims of others folk
Will render fulfilment debunked
Empty and rather broke

For living for extrinsic might
To be ‘in’ at all cost
Will cast one out of their own self
And leave them feeling lost

For though gregarious to all
The outside world they seem
Inside they’re shrivelled, lonely hearts
Hurt, craving more esteem

And so my prayer for these dear folk
Is one where they will see
Their true worth based in who they are
Less who they try to be

For deep within, a rainbow’s end
Lies hidden out of sight
Where the elixir they crave
Rests quietly day and night


Believe in Yourself (Haiku)

Let faith resonate
From within to enable
Belief in oneself

Hey! Fake Boy!

Hey fake boy! Why do you so gloat?
Pretend to sometimes be
The person that you’re simply not
Hiding so blatantly
Behind the mask; the veil; face
That isn’t really you
I sense chameleon disguise
Concealing the true view

Why do you shirk, dissimulate
Use smokescreens every day
For fake boy look in the mirror
And there in full array
Is he who’s really good enough
Without pretense or shame
The boy we like just as he is
And that boy wears your name


This was inspired by fellow blogger’s poem Self Worth. Check out his writings – they are fab 🙂

A little doubt is helpful
For awareness shall we say
A check that rids us of conceit
That stops us falling prey
To arrogance; pomposity
But go too far and then
That doubt becomes self limiting
And pushes us again
Into a place uncertain
Where nothing seems quite right
Cos there we lose all self esteem
Ourselves fall out of sight
So the best that we can aim for
Is a fence on which to sit
That strikes the balance in between
Self doubt and puffed up wit

Hierarchy Of Needs

‘If all you have is a hammer
Then the world will look just like a nail’ (*)
A place for pounding and bashing against
Lest dare you fall and then fail
But consider resources extensive
Those that you harbour within
Where innately you’ve more than a hammer
Save a full tool kit with which to begin

An armoury of everything that’s needed
Just waiting to be realised
To access, to work with, to master
A tool kit to be utilized
Imagine this set of great assets
And all simply waiting for you
To pick up, to use and to handle
A means to an end that’s in view

To fulfil all modest requirements
Of basic physiological need
To progress to aspects of safety
Past anything resembling greed
To then have a sense of belonging
With family, friends and much more
Save still amassing great confidence
Self-esteem with respect at your door

And then to arrive at the summit
The place of great ultimate worth
At the top of a pyramid or hierarchy
Utopian position on earth
Where life is as good as it can get
Where man becomes self-actualized
With added amazing experiences
The peak of a life harmonized

Based on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs.
(*) Abraham H. Maslow (1966). The Psychology of Science p. 15.

Diagram of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Diagram of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Be Who You Will Be

When standing on the mountain top
Observe the stunning view
Imbue the scene that jumps for joy
And hops around in you

The sense that you’re invincible
The outlook that inspires
The sentiment that all is great
That blossoms like wild fires

The feeling that spreads right throughout
The mind so rampantly
Behold the vista and just know
That power so pleasingly

For all the world’s your oyster that
Enables you for free
To take the gauntlet and achieve
And be who you will be

Snapshot of Patti overlooking the Glacier Poin...

Snapshot of Patti overlooking the Glacier Point vista (Photo credit: daveynin)

Treat Them Right

Treat him like an object and
You’ll find he will behave
Without a heart, or mind or soul
No conscience to then pave
A way that will be of respect
Filled so responsibly
So treat him like a subject and
A human being see!

Give him a name – don’t call him boy
Don’t mark him out to jeer
Discriminate about his life
Or shout right down his ear
Don’t mock him for his family
Or comment on his worth
But treat him well and you will find
He’ll walk tall on this earth

For how we speak – how we approach
All children makes them know
Just who they are, who they can be
And where they might then go
And make a difference to their world
The way themselves they view
So Teacher, Parent or just Friend
Treat them as though they’re you!

Think Before You Speak

My Mum said “Hey the sky is blue”
My Dad “The grass is green”
And Gran said “Look there sits a cat”
And Teacher “That’s the Queen”
And Mrs Smith just down the road
Said “What a horrid day”
And each one always tells the truth
They mean just what they say

Then to me Mum said “How stupid”
And Dad said “Hey, silly”
And Gran said “Be good for your Mum”
And Teacher “So naughty”
And Mrs Smith just down the road
Said “What an ugly view”
So if they all tell me the truth
They must mean me not you!

For as we know the sky is blue
The grass is always green
And I know Gran did see that cat
My teacher saw the queen
So I guess I must be stupid
And silly or not good
And naughty or just plain ugly
For the truth is understood!

An icon illustrating a parent and child

An icon illustrating a parent and child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be You: Be True: Be Brave

Walk away from those defiling you
Retreat from those who call
You names or throw you sticks and stones
For they are bullies all
And know through faith and family
And friends who you can trust
That beauty isn’t skin deep nor
What’s on the surface crust
But look a little deeper and
Be real to who you are
To live the life intended so
You rise and do not scar
For worth is there for you to hold
For you to have, to save
And love is unconditional
Be you – be true – be brave!

Be You Be True Be Brave

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Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself
You’re worth so much more
Than you portray now
Your life’s not a bore

Believe in yourself
Accept who you are
Love your reflection
And shine like a star

Believe in yourself
Build up your esteem
Your worth is immense
For you’re the cat’s cream

Believe in yourself
Give you due respect
Honour your value
With pride not neglect

Believe in yourself
Content being you
Smile that you’re worthy
Yes – know that it’s true!