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A ‘Welfie’ World

I dream of a ‘welfie’ world
Where the ‘me’ is replaced with the ‘we’
Where the common currency is love
The common language is respect
Bound in individual responsibility
Uniting each one
And bringing together the world
Working as one
In an image celebrating diversity
Yet unified by worldcentric vision
Portrayed in one powerful snapshot
Otherwise known as US


The “ie” Sound

What is it with the “ie” sound that
We add  to end of words
For you might think it’s rather cute
But I think “how absurd!”
For by adding such an ending
We start to sound like mice
Particularly when spoken out
Not once but twice or thrice!
So my lovelies in your onsies
Please take a selfie do
But don’t forget these words exist
Without that “ie” sound too 🙂


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The “Selfie”

Smile and say cheese
The selfie is out
The word that says “me”
“Look here and watch out”
The image that’s taken
By the subject themselves
That hides not from the camera
Nor sits on the shelves

But is your selfie an echo
Of just who your are
Or a statement of ego
A glimpse of your bra
A pout that says duck face
Or am image that states
To be honest I think
That I’m really first rate

Or perhaps it’s just this
A nice pic saying “hi”
Your own personal journey
With a selfie more shy
But whatever it is
It is here now to stay
As the new word on the street
Spells out “selfie” today