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Have you noticed that you cannot
Switch your ears off when you choose
You can’t shut them like your eyes
To stamp out all the views
But instead they stay wide open
Listening day in and day out
Not able to block out those sounds
Nor filter what’s about
So surely there’s a lesson
To learn above the rest
To close your eyes and shut your mouth
For listening is best!

English: Ear. Good for listening.

English: Ear. Good for listening. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Analysis Paralysis

Why do we have to over-think
Why can’t we just accept
The simple things that strike us first
That senses intercept
To take face value for its worth
To sit back and relax
And leave analysis alone
Give scrutiny the axe

For there’s a place to probe and to
Critique; evaluate
But sometimes when we’ve dug so deep
It’s really then too late
To see the sights; to smell the smells
To hear, to touch, to feel
The world just as it simply is
Just there – just now – just real!