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So many changing passwords and
So many different codes
So many usernames and prompts
So many – there are loads!

To access unique data and
Protect our cyberlife
To save us from the fraudsters who
Seem keen to impart strife

But is it really worth it.
Does it save the pain and stress
As forgetting drives us crazy
Like any recall test

And fleeing from your memory bank
Are all the codes you need
The passwords that will open doors
Save haemorrhage or bleed

But without the reset button
Or the prompt to sweetly say
Your online life is all done in
With no access today!


Time Flies!

What happened to this morning?
Where did it disappear?
Before you know the day will go?
And then the month – the year!
And after that the decade
As seasons drift on by
So watch out for the clock has wings
As time can really fly

Time Travel