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Shine Bright

Shine Bright just like a new star
And radiate your light
Produce a sound magnificent
That’s crisp and oh so bright
And know you are like sunshine
That brightens up the day
Shine Bright just like a new star
So great in every way

Shine Bright

With thanks to Ben DJ Photography for use of the photo and wishing the lad in it every best with his music college auditions


You Can Do It

You can do it – I know you can
You’ll be quite fab for sure
Remember all your past success
From what has gone before
And stand up proud and contemplate
On why you’re really there
Consider what this really means
Step up; breathe in fresh air!
Then focus hard and steadfastly
The end post in your sight
And know that you can do this, for
I know you will shine bright!

You Can Do It