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Market Rasen

There’s a sign in Market Rasen
That’s causing quite a stir
But no-one seems to know what’s wrong
So maybe we’ll concur
And guess what is the issue
Red tape, bureaucracy
Just cos they offer parking that
Is saying it’s for free

I mean goodness gracious – what a thought
A sign that just declares
That you can shop or gad about
And park with lesser cares
A town that wants to advertise
That they want you to come
And yet those in charge of road signs are
Now vexed but also dumb!

So come on Mr Council Man
Step up and tell up why
This sign is such a problem to
All those who might pass by
And then by F-O-I declare
You ever made the fuss
And shopped the sign into you chaps
Come on now! Let’s discuss!

Market Rasen Sign


Sat Nav or Paper Map?

Sat Nav or paper map
How do we find our way?
Or do we simply sniff it out
With nose to ground per se?

Perhaps we use the sun
And other easy clues
Such as road signs for directions
What guidance do we use?

But if we’re really lost
Off track and so astray
Then maybe none of these will help
To navigate life’s way

For then we simply must
Just stop! Evaluate!
And think just where we want to go
Before it’s far too late

And take the time to plan
Work out what we will do
Then climb back on the horse and ride
Determined to get through