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And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part VI Six Geese A Laying

We now reach day six in our poetic sequel of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  To read the whole poem to date please click here

Then in the midst of tolling bells
More merry folk appear
The geese come in a laying eggs
A-gaggling with good cheer

They come to join the party with
The hens and turtle dove
“Oh give me space” the partridge shouts
Still grumpy from above

They gather in the garden with
Beat box upon the wall
And join the Christmas gathering
To dance and have a ball

“Can we join in?” the hens cluck out
“And us” say calling birds
“Let’s boogie through the night” say doves
Says Partridge “How absurd”

But geese just in their jolly way
Hiss out with joy and glee
“Oh come on now, you grumpy bird
Come down and let’s party!”