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The Face Of True Beauty

If all the content of your heart
Your mind and soul laid bare
What sight would be revealed to all
Would it be fine and fair
Or something that you’d want to hide
To cover up, not see
For would your inner life be pure
Or just plain old nasty

And if the inner thoughts you think
Were written on your face
Would the picture be pretty
Of simply a disgrace
Would all those words you want to say
That lurk beneath unseen
Be pleasant if put on full view
Be murky or pristine

For our facades must so reflect
Our inner self; our core
To not conflict and cause much harm
For peace to reign secure
And then the person you become
Will glow and simply be
Holistic, integrated self
That shines out true beauty

Mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx), looks almost hum...

Mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx), looks almost human despite the colorful face. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)