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Emotional Slavery

There’s a new form of slavery
Rife in society
The trading of emotions that
Deprive all liberty

The influence of money
Where some are bought and sold
Friendships, loyalty all priced
Against the cost of gold

Whilst some will buy your silence
Others treat you to ensure
You like them or rely on them
Save shoo them out the door

Where cash is now the thing that speaks
And you; commodity
But consider this for you have worth
And that just comes for free


At The Gateway Of Tomorrow

Standing at the gateway of tomorrow and contemplating
Contemplating the heinous crimes against humanity
Crimes against humanity bereaving the world of her soul
Her soul lost in the dusk of yesterday
In the dusk of yesterday and the night of the day before
The day before where division has stripped backs raw
Backs raw and the hides torn apart
Torn apart bleeding rivers of tears
Rivers of tears burning from the heart

And yet in the embers of those flames why have we not learnt
Not learnt the lessons of yesterday
Yesterday and vanquished humanity where tomorrow’s sun dims
Tomorrow’s sun dims and cannot rise above the horizon
The horizon where hope lies abandoned by the deeds of people
The deeds of people that still wound the planet and suffocate
Suffocate her breath, deprive her people tomorrow
Tomorrow slain by today and yesterday
Standing at the gateway of tomorrow and contemplating


slavery (Photo credit: derpunk)

A Planet Cries

Oh feel the planet’s salty tears
Consumerism rife
That calculates for profit each
Unique human life

From childhood prodigies who are
Pushed and pulled to be
A tower of dollars mounting up
And stars for all to see

To women walking on the streets
All clad in skimpy clothes
For men to buy and use at will
Prostitution to expose

Or the slaves of inner Africa
And human trafficking
For wealth and riches to amass
A trade so damaging

And children working on the street
In Southern Latin parts
Risking abuse for little gain
Such impoverished hearts

Plus gambling, alcohol and drugs
All sold for pots of gold
To those who’s cravings buy them out
Their lives deprived and sold

Lest murder, wars not to forget
Corruptions of the soul
The depths of tears that spill for all
Consumed from pole to pole