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Ruby Verge

Iodine line beneath red streak in sky
Time to rest heads and on pillows then lie
To breathe in the last air that spills from the blue
To slumber in darkness that’s covering you
For away to the west the ruby verge creeps
As the world in the east is now sound asleep

Ruby Verge


Consumed in a mist of fatigue
Like a blanket
A fog; a miasma
That engulfs
Almost suffocates
With weighty heaviness
Lethargy and stupor
Until finally sleep arrives
And slumber takes control
To renovate
Revive; invigorate
In readiness for another day

English: Bogue Sound fog and sunset.

English: Bogue Sound fog and sunset. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life’s Sleep Clock

When they are small there are no hours
Of sleep so guaranteed
As crying baby calls right out
To cater for their needs

Then later into childhood years
The patter of small feet
Beats the alarm in morning time
With smiles to each day greet

Next into adolescence and
Those teenage years they go
Where mornings just now don’t exist
Or not that they will know

Soon comes their college days and well
Bar lectures called at nine
The night-time oil burns ever bright
Where early hours seem fine

Succeeding this, the middle years
With hours that vary wide
From dawn time starts to get to jobs
With late nights to abide

Then old age hits and nights draw in
And sleep just has no rhyme
Arising hourly for relief
And dozing post lunchtime!

¿el tiempo duerme?

¿el tiempo duerme? (Photo credit: tnarik)



Have you been there?  Have you seen it?
Have you felt the air on face?
Have you truly known?  Experienced?
Have you been to such a place?

Where grass is blue and sky is green
The trees grow upside down
Cats and dogs audibly converse
The place; another town

Where anything is possible
Where boundaries don’t exist
Where people come and others go
Surrounded in a mist

Or maybe it’s a vapour
So truly ethereal
A definition inside you
The call of what you feel

And yet this place is only known
To you and you alone
For though so many might be there
It just cannot be cloned

For there you steal away at night
In soporific state
To drift off on sedation’s tides
As dreamland lies in wait.



Oh sleep why don’t you come and sit
Just here right by my side
Consume my mind and hold my hand
In you let me confide
And gently with sweet persuasion
Drift over all my soul
To lap the shores of dream lands where
Unconscious ways will stroll
Across a world of slumber and
A state of lethargy
Oh sleep come take your place, reside
In peace with dormancy

The Night-Train

As tiredness comes and bids me sleep
And eyelids start to close
The night-time train arrives at last
On tracks of sweet repose

Where calm and soft tranquillity
Attest to peacefulness
And off towards the land of dreams
I drift in quietness

From consciousness to slumber vale
Past stations gently creep
In sprinklings of a magic sand
And breaths so very deep

Past fields of dormant memories
To hills of nonchalance
In oceans waves of rock-a-bye
To deserts without glance

The night-train pushes on with grace
With still and serene guise
In placidity that comforts still
To morning and sunrise.


I lay awake at night and think
And wonder so many things
For in the darkness of that time
The day thoughts crowd right in
And stampede and march with bombast
Through corridors of mind
Swirling round and round in uproar
For answers hard to find

But then sleep creeps in unnoticed
And transforms this noisy world
Where wakefulness evaporates
A dreamland is unfurled
And a tide then washes over
A boat waits there for me
And off I sail out on the waves
Of night-time’s sleepy sea

I cruise to places near and far
Incandescent and so bright
Each presenting with such realness
With sounds and vibrant sights
And characters speak out aloud
With life vivaciously
So clear and brave unquestioning
Illusions plain to see

I see things that are amazing
Though some might leave their mark
Transfixed beyond this other world
Phenomena so stark
Of my comatose dream state
A place of no recall
Until the cockerel wakes me up
And bids good morning all

Take A Break

Just stop and for a minute
Imagine in some way
The stuff that’s going round our brain
Is like a clogged highway
Full of traffic at a standstill
That can’t move from a to b
Mind congestion in the making
That’s so frustratingly
A mental defunct process
Where time is all too short
Too much to fit in too few hours
That leaves us over wrought

Or maybe it’s the hard drive
For instance call it RAM
Crashing from system overload
Or flood of too much spam
That clogs up the working software
And slows it down a pace
To stop our peak performance
And halt us in the race
The race that we now call life
That wears us all right down
For headaches and brain fog chapters
To inundate and drown

But there’s an epiphany
A way to pass the test
A simple and effective thing
That gives our brain a rest
To sojourn for a few moments
And maybe take a nap
To reboot – clear out the hard-drive
And traffic somehow zap
To renew, enthuse and prompt
For light bulb moments bright
Advocating mental downtime
To turn all things out right!

For downtime is a pre-set
And neurally hardwired
A need for functionality
For all to be inspired
A way to empty out our minds
When cluttered they’ve become
And open up a higher plane
That lets us then succumb
To ways most ingenious
To means of mindfulness
That whets the mind to come alive
And leave us all less stressed

If you’d like to know more about this you like to check out this article which was signposted to me by Brendan Dobrowolny.  And of course, if you suffer from PoTS or Syncope that can deliver a payload of brain fog as part and parcel of those conditions why not visit for more support.

Teenage Mornings

There is a breed who just don’t wake
In thunder storms or in earth quakes
Or in the rush of daily life
Whether under pressure or in great strife
Sleeping soundly through all loud alarms
Snoozing heavily, remaining calm
They dose throughout the morning rush
And slumber sound preferring hush
They snore their way through morning air
Before midday they do not care
Their beds are buddies to embrace
They’re duvet bound; there is no race
The cockerel they just don’t hear
It’s wondered if they’d sleep all year
And calls from parents go ignored
Whilst met with still the deepest snore
But hear the call of friend on phone
Or inbox come into the zone
With status update checking in
From Facebook or a twit tweeting
And suddenly they’re button bright
Up from their beds they do alight
And off they go upon their way
For teenage morning’s start at midday!