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Don’t Let Them Get You Down

Don’t let the buggers get you down
Don’t fret and wear a sad sad frown
But just determine every day
To wear a smile as if to say
Sod off I’m happy as can be
I don’t need you – you don’t need me!
And then resolved be sure to do
All things that blast away the blues
And live a life that so imparts
Pure kindness, grace with loving heart!



The Fresher’s Welcome

They come!
They gather!
They smile!

They smile in incongruous exaggeration
Smile to elicit a favour
Smile to break the moment

The moment of upturned corners
Gracing the world with a social smile
Disguising a stressed face

A stressed face mimicking; impersonating another
Testing for the genuine until
It melts into the Duchenne

The Duchenne smile of all smiles
Real; warm; eye crunching
Dopamine in a face

In a face that draws each to the other
Elicits the power of friendship
Summons past that icebreaking beginning

And then …..
Then they drink!

Smile Like You Mean It

Smile Like You Mean It (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There’s a twinkle in your eye
A smirk across your face
A dimple in your cheeks that shows
The best of human race

A smile so broad and wonderful
It makes me want to grin
The contagious delight that means
We all then win win win!

Smiley from the sMirC-series. smiling

Smiley from the sMirC-series. smiling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)