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A Recipe For Happiness

To whine and moan; complain and bitch
In time becomes a constant itch
That grates the soul; scratches the mind
Stifles all smiles til all you find
Is misery; sadness and pain
That washes sunshine down the drain
And so perhaps with gratitude
Consider what improves the mood
And focus on the better things
Appreciate as the heart sings
All else that brings along delight
However small with fresh insight
Resolved to ditch those duller ways
And thus sustain happier days





Happiness is a state of mind
A choice that beams within
A warmth that graces heart and soul
The essence of win:win

The face that never fails to see
The goodness and the peace
The smile that’s worn consistently
And never fails to crease

The place where kindness n’er gives up
Where empathy unfolds
Compassion, love, respect and more
Step out as partners bold

And hidden deep right out of sight
It hums away and sings
In reassurance pacified
Spirit of great blessings


English Grumbles

It seems that Brits all love to moan
To grumble and complain
To remonstrate and blame with rife
When something is a pain

To whine and whimper – oh it’s bad
Lamenting constantly
Where it might seem that the cup is not
Half full but half empty

And yet in Britain we have pride
In many different things
So save just going on and on
Let’s fly the flag and sing

Sing songs of good old England and
Her pastures green and fair
And pull ourselves out of doldrums
To get a smile in there!

English: Wastwater, Lake District, England.

English: Wastwater, Lake District, England. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Gym

I’m not one for the gym
Pumping iron and sweating so
Pressing weights that feel like lead
On machines lined up in rows

I can’t get my head around the bikes
That stay still on the spot
And those running machines, heaven forbid
They simply make me hot!

But the cross trainer, I do concur
Does as its name implies
For it makes me very “cross” indeed
As it never seems to tone my thighs!

But one thing I have noticed
Is an irony indeed
For we call the gym a leisure place
A place we chose to be

Yet when you see the punters
Getting fit and working out
They all look so very miserable
And sad without a doubt

For whilst they tone their bodies
And flex their physiques so
They forget their facial muscles
And their smiles just seem to go

So when you’re in the gym next
Forget about your hips
And instead apply a little effort
And smile by turning up your lips!