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Love Yourself

Clickbait society
Where likes and shares and such
Are central to the mindsets
Of those who yearn so much
For approval from all others
Over knowing their true worth
Abandoning self reliance
Whilst failing to unearth
A hidden gem that lies within
With dopaminergic zest
Called intrinsic satisfaction
Of yourself who knows you best



No longer just in the sand
But in the ether
In the wind
Etched in digital ink
In waves of light
That kick into touch on tablets
Tracking, tracing
Leaving their mark
Indelible forever

The Troll

Machiavellian tactics
The troll that soars the net
Narcissistic overt tendencies
All fired with no regret
To never cease; surrender
In warrior cyberwars
The sociopath with wanton hate
Prowling o’er you and yours

But yet despite their nastiness
They actually reveal
A being of such discontent
With huge Achilles heel
Consumed by past and trauma
In ways oh so unhealthy
Disrupting others peaceful lives
Destroying all they see

Achtung Troll!

Achtung Troll! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Social Fish Bowl (Haiku)

Fish bowl existence
Swimming for all to notice
Yet drowning unseen

Fish Bowl

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Tweet Meet

At a certain time each month
A flock descends to meet
Birds of a certain feather
Who frequently do tweet

Putting social into media
To share a thing or two
The nest – a place convenient
The mix some old; some new

To network and to natter
And all with due respect
To introduce to others
The face of LincsConnect

#LincsConnect is a hashtag on twitter that links Lincolnshire businesses, charities and individuals in a collaboration to raise the profile of each member using the hashtag through retweets and mutually spreading the word.

Once a month they meet up to put the social back into social media. If you’re in Lincolnshire join us by tagging your tweets #LincsConnect and if you’re not why not do something similar in your area.


Once upon a land there was
A state where all could be
Exactly who they wanted to
Across humanity

A place where what appeared was not
Always just what it seemed
Save a projection; conjecture
Expression all but dreamed

A place where life’s reality
Could vanish; disappear
But still a place that was so real
Accessed throughout the year

And yet this place did not exist
Not on a map or chart
But in the world of internet
The cyber network’s heart

An icon from icon theme Crystal Clear.

An icon from icon theme Crystal Clear. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cyber Illusion

Are you invisible
Do you exist
Imaginary friend
In a world with a twist
Where those who we contact
Who we know just by name
Who we see but an image of
Who present in a frame
With a profile
A status
A handle; a cue
All wrapped up in binary
But are you all true?
These friends that we make
Who we tweet to and text
Or message and snapchat
Or whatever next
Do you live in the world
In reality’s way
Or is this cyber-existence
Mere illusion today!

Social Media Buzz

Social Media Buzz (Photo credit: ivanpw)

Social Networking

There are parts of social media
I just don’t get at all
The bits of social behaviour
That really make us fall
From what it is to be human
A social breed or race
When some behave so hideously
A networking disgrace

For give someone a notebook or
A phone or some device
And Facebook or Twitter access
They might be not so nice
For something in our brain thinks when
There’s distance then involved
That etiquette and empathy
Can then just be dissolved

That things that would never be said
Can be uttered in a text
Or on a Facebook status, tweet
Good grief! Whatever next!
And then there is the culling as
Though people are like birds
Not that birds should be culled anyway
It’s really quite absurd!

So be careful how you network
What you say and what you do
Be considerate on Facebook
In your texts, on Twitter too
And think how you would like to be
Treated so carefully
And act to others in a way
That you would have them be


so-many-social-networks (Photo credit: socialmediahq)

The “Selfie”

Smile and say cheese
The selfie is out
The word that says “me”
“Look here and watch out”
The image that’s taken
By the subject themselves
That hides not from the camera
Nor sits on the shelves

But is your selfie an echo
Of just who your are
Or a statement of ego
A glimpse of your bra
A pout that says duck face
Or am image that states
To be honest I think
That I’m really first rate

Or perhaps it’s just this
A nice pic saying “hi”
Your own personal journey
With a selfie more shy
But whatever it is
It is here now to stay
As the new word on the street
Spells out “selfie” today