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Let Down!

A reflection on failed adult social care …..

You let me down: You said you’d care
You said you’d nurse him – be aware
You said you’d feed him, said you’d be
His refuge and his family
You said you’d fill his life with joy
You’d treat him well; you would employ
Dignity and trust, respect and grace
Yet did you heck – such a disgrace

For in the place of each of these
You upped his hurt and misery
And failed to get to know the man
To really know, to understand
To treat him with worth and value
To ensure that his own milieu
Was suitable for all his needs
You failed him in the face of greed

Yet in all truth it’s not just you
For cross the county out of view
A million sit in the same place
Ignored, neglected, case on case
In rocking chairs on slippery slope
No love, no time, no joy, no hope!
So bored to tears – stung in the eye
Just left to rot and left to die

Yet how we treat our elderly
Reflects on what society
Holds dear and echoes out so loud
The values that we each allow.
And just now civilised we are
Is judged by where we set the bar
To care for those who cared for us
And who now put in us their trust


There’s No Place Like Home (Haiku)

Schools build libraries
But it’s at home each book is
Conceived and written 

Photo credit: wikimedia commons 

Prism Lens

There’s a lens through which we view this world
Called cynicism’s pain
A lens that cannot understand
Each song and each refrain
That sees only the differences
The things misunderstood
And fails to grasp or comprehend
The other side of good

The side that isn’t wrong and yet
Is deemed as not quite right
Where emotions test abilities
To express divergent light
That wanders down another path
And deviates from norm
Where rational might seem quite vague
To navigate the storm

Such threads some call insanity
Just black and white in frame
Where logic, reason, rhyme are blurred
To test life’s lucid game
And yet they weave a tapestry
Not always so obscure
Suggesting they should be observed
Through a prism lens once more

A reflection on how some still view mental illness in the world today through the prescriptive lens of society and contemplation on how such black and white visions maybe miss the spectrum of colours in humanity.

English: Light dispersion of a mercury-vapor l...

English: Light dispersion of a mercury-vapor lamp with a prism made of flint glass Deutsch: Dispersion vom Licht einer Quecksilberdampflampe mithilfe eines Prismas aus Flintglas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tipping The Balance

I’d be perfectly contented
To die in poverty
If I’d contributed to life
And to all society
To support with another’s plight
To make a difference
I’d happily be penniless
Without any inference

For when I see some of the wealthy
The rich who are so free
It brings a tear into my eye
At their lack of liberty
For wealth is a great privilege
To share and to assist
To disburse and relieve anguish
To lift poverty’s mist

For the conditions that some live in
The lack of human rights
The rife hunger and starvation
Are not a pretty sight
As the balance of abundance
Is set to so unfair
So is it such a sacrifice
To give and offer care?