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Ode To The Setting Sun

Awake renewed oh setting sun
With fresh vitality
And shine so bright tomorrow do
For one and all to see

With heat to warm the coldest heart
And rays that radiate
The solar spirit of your star
Inspiring minds first rate

English: Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of P...

English: Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lunar Tides

The moon shines bright across the bay
Infusing light; enough to spy
The depths of shadows on the waves
Against the blackened azure sky

And dropping on the waves that break
Upon the shoreline constantly
A glistening spark from starlight bright
To twinkle there out on the sea

Amidst the dunes of windswept sand
The rustle of the dried out grass
The lunar creatures come to dance
And wait for night to turn and pass

And still the tides lap silently
Upon the beach in wait for day
As currents wax and wane in time
With moon that shines across the bay


Aurora Hunting

Tonight we’re going to be
Aurora Hunters all
To head into the countryside
And see a spectacle

To witness in great earnest
A vision in the heights
The aurora borealis
Aka Northern Lights

And with hat, scarves and mittens
To save against the cold
We’re hoping to gaze up and see
Phenomena so bold

Where energy dispersing
Will colour radiantly
Or least that is our one desire
Our wish expectantly

So now that such activity
Has hit earth from the sun
We’re off on our aurora hunt
Let’s hope that we’ll see one!

English: This is a picture of Aurora Borealis ...

English: This is a picture of Aurora Borealis from canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Winter Solstice

Well that was such a short short day
Just where did it all go?
The moon rose quite late in the morn
And went down quick not slow
But what a spectacle it was
Up in the bright night sky
The stars a-shining out at once
A nebulous up high
And peaking from behind the clouds
The winter solstice moon
To herald in the shortest day
That came and went quite soon.


The Full Moon

The full moon’s arising
Watch out and beware
For old stories are told
Of the werewolves out there
Dressed by lunar attire
In stealth they succumb
To the lure of the moon
That’ll leave them quite numb

In the light of the moon
Now found and sought out
Shape shifters by magic
Are beyond any doubt
Caught in aberrant dread
With shudders of fear
And mutated to wolves
As full moons do appear

As creatures of horror
They menace the night
And threaten the darkness
With savagery and fright
To entrap and ensnarl
Confuse and perplex
Invading sweet dream worlds
And their minds over vex

The full moon’s arising
Watch out and beware
For old stories are told
Of the werewolves out there
Dressed by lunar attire
In stealth they become
Grey dogs of the night time
In the full moon’s syndrome


Oceanic Magic

Today I swam amongst the fish
In a cobalt blue lagoon
I rode the back of dolphins
In the light of a sapphire moon
I swam besides the sharks
In the ocean feeling brave
I galloped with the seahorses
In the wash and crests of waves
I sat among the mermaids
On the rocks lapped by the sea
In a maritime adventure
That washed right over me

And then the stars lit up the heavens
The planets shone from far away
As the sun fell from the horizon
Sealing off that special day
And as the spectral radiant sunset
Dissolved into the night sky
I caught the flicker and pulsating lights
Of jellyfish and coral passing by
With a mystic bioluminescence
That signalled from the deep
Revealing oceanic magic
In a world that never sleeps.

Endless Love

As the tide goes out
And life ebbs away
As the moon wanes
At the end of the day

As the dawn turns to dusk
And the sun begins to set,
Will you still love me
Or will you forget?

Will you still cherish?
Will you endear?
Will you move away
Or will you stay near?

Will you remember me?
Will you still care?
Will you caress me
And your love still declare?

Will you send random texts
That I adore and that surprise?
Will you call me with poetry
For your love to surmise?

Will you kiss me as often?
Will you love me as much?
Will you tell me all these things
With the same heart felt touch?

Will our love be forever?
Will it last, will it be true?
When the sun sets on the horizon
Will you want me with you?

The Man in the Moon

Mum!  Mum! Look at the Moon!
It’s gigantic Mum!  Look at it soon!
It’s going to crash! And wipe us all out!
Mum!  Mum! Should we all shout?
What will happen?  Will it hurt d’ya think?
Will Aliens land?  Will all that cheese stink?

Will the man on the moon steer it to pass us on by?
Oh Mum I’m so scared – I just want to cry!
But Mum it’s so big!  It’s so massive, immense
I’m sure it’ll hit us!  I’m feeling so tense!

HOLD ON!  Maybe I’ll man-up instead!  Get a ladder and climb
Right up to the moon there and reason and rhyme
With the commander in charge and ask him politely to fly
The moon further away to its place in the sky!
Yes that’s what I’ll do!  With a ladder I’ll go
Right up to the man in the moon; friend or foe

And I’ll chat with him nicely. Maybe take him biscuits and tea
And I’ll say “Excuse me, kindly, please could you listen to me”
“Could you turn your moon round, Sir, could you maybe head out
Away from my planet, cos without any doubt
If you keep heading this way there’s going to be a big bash
As your moon and my Earth are going to crash!”

“And it’ll be a terrible mess and lots of people will cry
Cos there’ll be cheese everywhere, Mister, and some might just die
For the moon and the earth just shouldn’t collide
But sit happily together in the sky, side by side.

So please Mister, moon man,” I’ll say to him, with the slight of a smile,
“It’s been very nice chatting and it’s been very worthwhile
But I’d better be off now for my Mum will be worried you know
And thank you for visiting but now you must GO!”

Then I’ll shout Mum! Mum! Look at the Moon
Did you see it? Did you see it! This clear afternoon!
It was going to crash and wipe us all out!
But I climbed up a ladder and sorted it out!
And the man in the moon liked your biscuits and tea?
And sent these back for you –Moon baked crackers and Brie!

Dedicated to my nephew, Jack, and the power of a child’s imagination