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My Boy

Dedicated to my son on his 18th birthday.

My boy!  Now all grown to a man
An icon to the rest
A man who always works so hard
And always does his best
A man who’s learnt to carry on
When all else may just fall
A man that holds his head up high
And stands up straight and tall

Content in knowing his true worth
Determined to achieve
To go that little bit further
And yet through live has weaved
Compassion, care; integrity
That seeks as much as finds
A man who’s turning 18 now
Has fortitude of mind

And so my wish for my grown boy
Is honour truth but more
To walk a path responsibly
With love; respect ensure
And go forth into adulthood
Equipped to serve and live
A citizen of world order
That takes less than he gives

A Mother’s Son

One minute, he was a baby
A small, innocent child
The apple of my eye and more
So tender, meek and mild

And then before I knew it
He’d got to six foot three
A strapping, independent lad
Leaving nest and family

Venturing out to greener fields
To take the world by storm
Whilst finding out for himself what
Path will become his norm

Creating his life on his own
His choice and making too
A fiercely independent chap
Striding to pastures new

Yet in his wake my heartstrings
Stretching from Mum to boy
With built-in elasticity
Connection to employ

A dichotomy or paradox
Willing him to go far
Yet feeling twinges and the wrench
Emotions slightly charred

But also by the same token
Being proud from job well done
With joy and thrill that’s just saying
“Become a man my son.”

“Become a man and blend your life
Make footsteps in the sand
Ones of contentment; happiness
By which you will then stand”

“And be compassionate with grace
Upholding honour true
For boy now grown up; fledging flown
I will always love you!”

A Mother's Son


To My Boy

I loved you from your first breath
And I’ll love you to my last
Through life’s daily passage
To the future from the past
To hold you and to help you
To nurture and restore
In steady dedication
My heart is forever yours

I’ll climb the highest mountain
And I’ll scale the farthest range
I’ll swim through deepest canyons
Without question; without change
For my love for you is constant
It’s the best that it can be
It will survive because it is the pulse
That runs to you from me

And I’d give my life to save you
As I dedicate my all
I’ll bear your pain no question
Uphold you should you fall
For your life’s an endless blessing
Your worth is next to none
And my love for whom you are
Regales symphonic heights, my son