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Pi (π) Day

So Pi day comes but once a year
Comes round!  The irony!
The little number that relates
To circle things you see!

The edge measure of any ring
In ratio to its girth
This number in it’s “greekishness”
Unique across the earth

The constant digit in the crowd
Irrational in vein
Transcendental infinitely
It comes around again!

With no repeat or pattern there
Lest each and every year
When three point one four day arrives
Let’s give ‘π’ a big cheer!

English: Pi Pie, created at Delft University o...

English: Pi Pie, created at Delft University of Technology, applied physics, seismics and acoustics Deutsch: Pi Pie (π-Kuchen), hergestellt an der Technischen Universität Delft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)