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Wish Upon A Star

Wish upon a star
Say a little prayer
Look for hope and happiness
With loving kindness there

And when you catch that star dust
Be careful to hold tight
To radiate the joy it holds
And shine so very bright

Anyone Out There?

In Hat Creek California
Down on a silent plain
Auricles are precisely set
To listen out again
For the WOW signal incoming
From elsewhere; from ET
But will they hear it; pick it up
Is there more than you and me?

For we have hope that we aren’t in
The universe alone
Sharing our galaxy with more
Than spinning on our own
Through space and time eternal
Throughout the Milky Way
As those in Hat Creek listen out
Incessantly each day

English: An artist's impression of our home ga...

English: An artist’s impression of our home galaxy – the Milky Way. Our solar system is one of billions in the galaxy. And the galaxy is one of billions in the universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Night Sky

Look into the night sky and see a million stars
And think that without darkness
Their light would not be ours
Their radiance would simply not
Shine out so very bright
Without the black nocturnally
All stars would lose their fight

And likewise our adversities
Our toils and troubles too
May overwhelm and sometimes feel
Like they are what’s in view
But with a little confidence
And effort on our part
Our own lamps sparkle brilliantly
With truth held in our heart

And then it’s us that radiate
That shine and glisten more
Than any hassle, pain or strife
For as we brighten sure
The darkness round these other things
Just dissipates and goes
So that the million stars still shine
With the love we bestow

And throughout all the heavens
Down here upon the Earth
The beauty of such radiance
Is given a new birth
To brighten up the darkness
To shine through every night
With joy, and love and comfort sure
In effervescent light

English: Pictured here is a long exposure phot...

English: Pictured here is a long exposure photograph of the night sky. In this image the stars appear to streak across the sky. The effect is created as the earth spins along its rotation with the camera fixed to a tripod. Photographing stars present many challenges to the photographer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s drawing into evening
Time to bid farewell to day
To welcome now the twilight in
A special kind of way

To stir and wait for nighttime
To wish upon a star
But first to see the sunset
Spectral sky ahead so far

To dip into the water
Of dusk so silently
To renew and rediscover
The moonlight’s pure beauty



We take it so for granted
When we jump up from a chair
And stand without a second thought
Or walk right over there

We take it so for granted
That our brain can turn about
Our heart beats and our blood flow
So that we simply don’t black out

We take it so for granted
When we can think with clarity
So our focus isn’t compromised
And our eyes can see clearly

We take it so for granted
When we’re revved up for the day
Bursting and full of energy
That will last in every way

We take it so for granted
Homeostatic stability
The simple things of everyday
Without disability

Yet many aren’t so lucky
For them life is just PoTS †
And a dysfunctional A-N-S*
Makes easy – oh so not!

For this condition sees the heart beat
Rise thirty beats or more
With palpitations on arising
That risk a colllision with the floor

Where life’s daily chores become a struggle
Where fatigue can be a pain!
And where the heart and brain in stand off
Result in PoTS: a constant drain!

Postural Tachycardia Syndrome


† Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
* Autonomic Nervous System

For More Information:

If you would like to know more about this condition please visit

Oceanic Magic

Today I swam amongst the fish
In a cobalt blue lagoon
I rode the back of dolphins
In the light of a sapphire moon
I swam besides the sharks
In the ocean feeling brave
I galloped with the seahorses
In the wash and crests of waves
I sat among the mermaids
On the rocks lapped by the sea
In a maritime adventure
That washed right over me

And then the stars lit up the heavens
The planets shone from far away
As the sun fell from the horizon
Sealing off that special day
And as the spectral radiant sunset
Dissolved into the night sky
I caught the flicker and pulsating lights
Of jellyfish and coral passing by
With a mystic bioluminescence
That signalled from the deep
Revealing oceanic magic
In a world that never sleeps.

Nature’s Perfection

I see the rose
Neatly folded swathes of petals
Cocooning a central core
Wrapping delicately
To release a visual splendour

I see the new born baby
Always a miracle
In innocence and sweetness
Soft and gentle
Beauty in its purest form

I see the starlit sky
A million wishes to be made
Sparkling vestibules of light
Skating across the galaxy
Against the azure haze

I see the spec of sand
Amidst the beach
White grains of freedom
As nature’s gate
To the ocean’s wide

I see all these
Visions of excellence
Images of brilliance in awe and wonder
Complete and unflawed
Revealing nature’s perfection



In trepidation
At the threshold of the unknown
Fighting fate
Refusing to step over the precipice
Where darkness beckons
And light waxes and wanes
Life clutches on tentatively.

Evading escape
Yet slipping out of reach
Rebelling arrest
Consumed in heart pacing spasm
With perspiring palpitation
And trembling pallor
Towards a chasm; a gulf.

Then quite by stealth
Engulfed by muffled echoes
Heaviness succumbs
Misted in blurred confusion
Overwhelmed by silence,
Before capitulation, subjection

Postscript:  For anyone who is affected by syncope on an ongoing basis may be interested in STARS, a charity that helps ensure that anyone presenting with unexplained loss of consciousness receives the correct diagnosis, the appropriate treatment, informed support and sign posting to the appropriate medical professional.  Further details can be found on their website  NB:  This poem and website has no affiliation to STARS and is not meant to be a recommendation but some may find the link helpful if they so chose.