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Data Driven World

Data driven world
What numbers can you crunch?
What inklings do you thus deduce?
What digits raise a hunch
To justify the need
To analyse; predict
Statistics out of everything
Demographic addicts

To set expected outcomes
To compute and assume
In mathematical context
That there is little room
To deviate and curve
From this way over that
Reducing humanness instead
To calculated stats

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WSCT F 10Dec04at0100PST (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Have we now become a species that
Need numbers every day
Statistics that will tell us just
What we should do and say
That tell us what to eat and wear
Where to be; where to go
Statistically speaking then
Numbers run our lives just so!

But where is our autonomy
Away from the main crowd
To be the one outlier that
Stats say are not allowed
For in essence it’s those numbers
That makes the difference big
Not sitting right next to the mean!
But out there – don’t you twig?

So don’t become a number nor
A minion or norm
But make your stats significant
Lest dare they all conform
Ensure that you become the one
Who makes the largest range
For your variance might stimulate
A worthy helpful change


Statistics (Photo credit: LendingMemo)